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Come Fish, Swim Or Dance At Organic Music Festival

Somewhere out in Northern California, there’s an interesting festival brewing in the distance. With so many largescale events popping up what could set this o e apart from the others? The promise of something more intimate, earthly and well.. ” Organic “. Their m.o. was to ” set out this year with one idea in mind, to provide the best 3 day, 2 night camping, dancing, bass filled, talented, and love filled experience this side of the Mississippi, and we are happy to say that we passed even our own expectations. ” & with that initiative taken we got Organic Music more »

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Ghastly Hops On Red Light Mgmt w/ Marshmello, Jauz and More

The electronic music scene will always have powerhouse artists. We’ve seen stars like Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex and so many others transcend the ranks of celebrity musicians with their crowd drawing performances and larger-than-life marketing. What really helps an artists and their path to success is the leadership brought forth from their management. David Lee Crow aka Ghastly just became the newest ghost with the most to join Red Light Management under Moe Shalizi. Moe also manages Marshmello, Jauz, Ookay and a slew of other rising artists so we know we will be seeing more of Ghastly in the more »

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Warden Joins Discovery Project w/ Do It Like This [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Warden has been a rising name through the murky waters of the bass scene. With releases on both TrapStyle and Buygore, Warden is slowly carving his name in the cement of the music world and is on to the next one. Premiering his new tune “Do It Like This” on Insomniac’s Discovery Project label, Warden is pushing his sound in all directions. “Do It Like This” is a third eye journey through some shifty sound effects, hypnotic vocal shots and interesting basslines tying the track down. Stream Warden’s “Do It Like This” below. Follow Warden Facebook Soundcloud Twitter Follow Discovery more »

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Woogie Weekend Makes Glorious, Splashy Return to Oak Canyon

Following the recent success the Do LaB has had at Coachella and hosting a sold out 12th annual Lightning in a Bottle festival, the company moved onto it’s next project in throwing the second annual Woogie Weekend festival. Temperatures soared while ecstatic daytime revelers flocked to the two juxtaposing neon chromatic stages that included a jewel-toned covered honeycomb hexagon structure known as “The Hive” and an industrial-piped jungle gym complete with foliage canvas laser light show known as “Kaleidoscope”. Rejuvenating morning yoga sessions led by Gigi Snyder, Kishan Shah, Michelle Nayeli Bouvier, Shawni and Shayne Almeida transformed into two splashy daytime parties with electrifying more »

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Nathaniel Knows & Dirt Monkey – From The Back To The Veterans

There is no better feeling on the planet in my opinion then that of bettering someone’s day or life for that matter. Nathaniel Knows and Dirt Monkey put out their breakbeat track “From The Back” on Kairos Audio and have donated all proceeds to help homeless veterans get back on their feet. Nathaniel himself is actually a veteran who did a 5 year stint. “From The Back” is a fun and wonky beat from start to finish featuring some cool bass lines, highly infectious grooves and a solid breakbeat backbone keeping everything together. Grab a copy below and leave the more »

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