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What Do You Know About The Man Behind Super 7 Records?

Jayceeoh, From his past ties with hip hop to his endeavors in electronic music chances are you’ve heard the guys work. He just finished rocking out the Heineken tent for the first weekend of Coachella accompanied by Ookay, Doctor P, Crnkn, Kayzo, Protohype, Green Lantern, UFO! and Crizzly. Luckily i got to get on the line with him to get an idea of how he managed to get to where he was at & see what projects he had lined up for the coming months with his music. So from the start, This guy is business savvy for damn sure! more »

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Newcomer Rad Cat Has Explosive Must Hear Remix

Rad Cat, a relative newcomer to the Future Bass community has been behind multiple large instrumentals in Blackbear‘s debut EP titled ‘ Drink Bleach ‘. Based out of San Diego, Rad Cat produced Obvious feat. Mike Posner & Girls Like You from the fresh EP. Not even a week after the EP was released, Blackbear dropped Rad Cat’s remix of his own song ‘Girls Like You’ which is simply put a serious overhaul from the original production. The noteworthy remix begins with a vibrant vocal loop that filters into a softer beat with suspenseful saws that make you want to more »

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Justin Hartinger & LEViT∆TE Unleash New Collaboration ‘Entity’

The two start things off in bizarre fashion as we are left with our ears intrigued to the sound of a guitar’s screech. Only to let us down by bringing in a minimal drum pattern, we begin to hear vocal chops along with a large and intimate pad in the distance. Things are about to get insanely weird but we shall continue hearing what the two producers have in shop for us. The song comes to a halt as we are greeted by that screech again except this time we are interrupted by a vicious brass and pluck combination. Along more »

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Trapstyle’s Declassified Festival Survival Guide

It has begun, with the aftermath of major festivals like Ultra and Coachella only one thing is certain. It is finally festival season. All around the world we will begin to see music festivals take place basically every month. If you’re attending any of the huge star-studded events this summer like Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, Lollapalooza, or Hard Summer then you’ve come to right place. First-timers always have questions and concerns about what will probably be one of the best weekends of their life. Here at TrapStyle we’re giving you some awesome tips on how to be safe, and to get the most more »

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Terravita’s The Fallen EP Takes Bass Music On One Hell Of A Ride

  Terravita has taken it upon themselves to disrupt the existing realm of heavy bass music with their latest release, The Fallen EP out now on the bass heavyweight label Buygore. Featuring a fusion of explicit MC lyrics and harmonious female vocals to serenade you throughout, you will embark on a journey like never before. In a scene where it’s all about creating the heaviest music or the hardest bangers, The Fallen strays from the bullshit and is an actual representation of creative progression for all bass producers and enthusiasts alike. Track after track, beat after beat, you can hear more »

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