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Trapstyle’s Weekly Roundup Vol.18

Reaching the 18th rendition of our weekly roundup, we are pleased to showcase all of these highly chaotic tunes. Serving up some tasty tracks via the sounds of producers like ‘Dion Timmer’, ‘Convex’, ‘Sharps’, ‘TELYKast’, ‘Bishu’, ‘Levianth’, and ‘Bret’.  Dion Timmer – Panic – Convex & Sharps Ft. JTG – Falcons – Rico & Miella x TELYKast – Worth Fighting For –   Bishu – Flowkey – Levianth & Bret – Rockets (feat. Born I Music) We hope you enjoyed these tracks just as much as we did! Let us know which ones were your favorites on twitter @trapstylebass Follow more »

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Mikes Revenge – El Jefe [PRIME]

Music can sometimes hit stale points but with this new Mikes Revenge track out now on TrapStyle Prime we got a banger that’s unique to keep it fresh. “EL Jefe” is the trippy ride through bass and space that we are lucky enough to share with you from Mikes Revenge. The Atlanta producer has quietly released a storm of solid tracks and “El Jefe” is no different. The tune jumps right in with a latin-feeling, 4-on-the-floor beat and utilizes an array of snappy percussive hits. We meet with an exuberant bellow of horns and other pieces of brasswork into an more »

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Today we’re sharing a fat ass trap tune from our TrapStyle Prime SoundCloud from young gun XTALS. When we heard how original “PORPHYRY” was we had to grab it to slang to the masses. The super tweaked out trap song begins with interesting nature sounds, detuned vocals and a distorted horn rising. With a buildup of energy and reverbed claps the song drops into a thumping trap beat. The 808s are saturated but clean, the vocal chops are precise and provide an interesting arrangement. There are so many dips and pops to keep the track moving and attention grabbing it’s more »

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Gents & Jawns Take On Indian Vibes In latest Trap Production

Gents & Jawns have taken it upon themselves to serenade all dance floors alike with their latest Trap infused production, Mahal, out now via Lowly Palace. Majestic isn’t the best word to describe music but Mahal is as majestic as it gets where morose feels meets sitar chords to take you on a one of a kind bass driven journey. Known for eclectic bass concoctions, this one is thriving in low end bass-lines inconspicuously pushing your speakers to the limit. Only 4 days in and the track has 117k plays on Soundcloud. Take a listen for yourself and see what more »

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Low Steppa

UK Underground DJ To Dominate Avalon Hollywood

British DJ and Underground master Low Steppa is coming into the states for a run of his notoriously upbeat yet minimalistic Simma Black party. He is set to takeover Avalon in Hollywood this upcoming February 3rd to do a full showcase of everything his label stands for. From Armada to Food Music chasing his Ibiza residency, Low Steppa is no stranger to the common airwaves like he is the underground. He will have support from the likes of Bones, Bixel Boys, and Sam Hiller so you already know it will be a one of a kind four on the floor more »

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Balistex & Yeurotoxin – Skaarl [PRIME]

If anyone knows me, they know that I live for dubstep. Something about a simple kick/snare combo and crazy bass speaks to my soul so I’m stoked on the track we snagged from Balistex and Yeurotoxin for TrapStyle Prime. The track in question “Skaarl” is a gremlin of a dubstep tune. With a pull of inspiration from the ever popular League of Legends game, the song begins with a melodic intro and samples from the game characters. The playful samples bring us up to the drop after a short buildup and we are met with a curious collection of interesting more »

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