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Double Cup Round Up

Double Cup Round Up! A biweekly round up by Trill Scott Heron that brings you the latest, hottest future screw and TrapStyle tracks!


This kid is gettin love from all over. Check out this track, part of Benzi’s “Girl Trapz 2” He’s bound to blow up soon.
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Fresh out the great state of Wisconsin!!! Nice twist on Trill Murray’s banger.
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Brighton bad boyyyy. I’m in love with EVERYTHING this 16 yr old bad ass puts out. Not like in a NAMBLA way but……lol

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watch out for this guy, he’s steadily put out quality tunes. I look forward to workin with him soon….
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Dont know much about Clips X Ahoy, but this first tune “Bullsh#ttin” is bonkers
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Luis & UltraCat aka “2 deep” from los angeles killin the 2 chainz remix
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off his release with Freshmore, GGGGettin Head EP. This ATLien is set to blow in 2013


Wiggz N Wonz x Young Piff & Sandor….dont know who or what these guys are but this track is dope
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What can I say about NOX & SES that hasnt already said about other trap giants in the game….this shit bumps period. PURPLE DOLPHIN BANDITS ALL DAY ERRY DAY
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TRPL3 ✞ℝℙḺ3 ℭṲℙ ღυẕ☤k aka tripl3 is one of my fav new guys on the scene. And as a fellow styrofoam cup afficianado, you know I got love.

okay now we’re gonna see who’s really rockin with me… I know what youre sayin…..beach boys??? but on the real, this shit goes off. Another Oregon/Los Angeles guy doin next level shit.

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classic bizness out of San Fran, featuring Dante. Im new fan of Theory’s stuff, but after a tune or two you will be as well.
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Been following this guy for some time now, but he hasn’t put out anything for awhile. Finally the long wait is over with this evil anthem.
classic bizness out of San Fran, featuring Dante. Im new fan of Theory’s stuff, but after a tune or two you will be as well.
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Put out on Bleep Bloop’s 710 label. Look forward to hearing what she come’s with next.

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Obviously one of the game’s dopest producers lately, Juke Ellington is the man to watch in 2013. His entry into GangSign’s remix contest, put on by STYLSS, is a trill ass take on the original!

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Yet another bad ass out of TN. Love his Dark Electronic Series, perfect to sip some lean to 🙂
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Jay Danko & GANG$IGN$
Two of my favorite producers comin together to bring the PA!N!!! With plenty of collabs, a tour in the works, and countless upcoming shows, these two are set to kill 2013. Get down before they blow up so you can say, “I knew ’em way back before they sold out” 🙂

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So there we have it people, the first Double Cup of many to come. Thanks to the crew at Trapstyle for always brinin’ the heat, and givin’ your boy a chance to shed some light on the trillest of the trill. Now go, show these folks some love on their FB/Souncloud/Twitter, and tell ’em who sent ya.