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Earl Sweatshirt – Burgundy (El Blanco Nino Screwed up Mix)

Many of you may know El Blanco Nino from one of Trill Scott Heron’s Future Screw Friday posts (read here:) …. If you haven’t heard him. well right now is the perfect  time to because he just dropped his newest tracks, (Burgundy, included) as part of a compilation album titled,. Purple Summer.

Even at the slightest glance, one can already bank on Purple Summer being one of the wavvviiiest things to come out this end-of-summer. Purple Summer features perfect tunes screwed up by  Trill Scott Heron, AMEN ACID, SofaKing… among a few more future screw forefront-ers,

Please, download Purple Summer heere


Light up that blunt, grab your double cup and enjoy the already enjoyable, Earl Sweatshirt, screwed up by Blanco.

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