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Insomniac’s Countdown NYE Trapstyle.com review

As we approached Insomniac‘s Countdown we could feel the big beautiful bass-lines permeate throughout the surrounding arena. Happy vibes were in the air with thousands of people dancing without a care. 

This was the first time in over five years that I have attended an Insomniac Event for New Years, needless to say the vibe is still alive! Never before have I experienced such a rush of joy from seeing this many people packed together to enjoy the sounds of Bingo Players, Laid Back Luke, Porter Robinson, Showtek, Audien and I even met a die hard DJ Snake fan who had a vinyl record and was patiently waiting on the side gate for him to step down in hopes of having DJ Snake sign his record.

Whoever says Vinyl records are dead is dead wrong! The truest of fans support the artist by purchasing their Merch, Tickets, and Hard copy music; and these are the type of fans you can expect at any Insomniac event.
They have outdone themselves this year by providing an amazing experience in every neck of the woods over here in Southern California. It’s inspiring to see a company grow from being an unground dance event to being able to provide multi-next level events in Hollywood, Anaheim, and San Bernardino. (They also hosted Insomniac‘s Bassrush and Insomniac‘s White Wonderland the same night.) This just goes to show that our culture will never die and is at it’s highest peak of all time.
The hospitality at Countdown NYE was unparalleled and I am proud to say that I walked away with a bag consisting of a Countdown NYE shirt, Insomniac bottle, insomniac owl for my a keychain, a lanyard, ear plugs from ear peace and insomniacInsomniac shades, and memories that will last a life time.
For those of you who missed it here is a short video clip of the magical moment that is the first Midnight of 2015. This was the best way to ring in the new year.
Thank You Insomniac, it was more than pleasure; it was a magical experience.
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