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J-Idris Premieres Debut Video “Stare at the Ocean” (Papercha$er Remix)

“Stare at the Ocean,” the newest single from Miami-based singer/songwriter and recording artist J-Idris has been impacting the Billboard Charts and will introduce the emerging, young performer as a hot new hit maker in the world of pop and EDM music.While taking a break from a hectic touring and recording schedule, J-Idris found a moment of peace earlier this year while standing on the balcony of his label head’s ocean front condo after signing to Hot+Messy Records. It was in this rare moment of tranquility that he stared out into the ocean in Miami Beach that inspired the slick beat and moving lyrics that became “Stare at the Ocean,” a club hit that defines J-Idris’ unique sound and style.J-Idris was born into the life of music. His father was Charles Smith, one of the original founders of Kool and the Gang, but despite this royal lineage, he is ready to blaze his own musical path and redefine a new EDM sound with a style that fuses traditional club beats with elements of rock, funk and worldly instruments. His own musical influences span the gamut from Miami based hit makers like Pitbull and Shakira to the lyrical writing prowess of the Dixie Chicks.

The single is being released in support of his upcoming album #VCVC, which stands for Very Close, Very Close, and it will feature a number of collaborations with top recording artists, including Taryn Manning, Dave Navarro and Anthony Acid. Fans can expect his first album to drop in early 2015.

J-Idris will be touring in clubs all over America in support of his new music and can be seen at such hot spots as Mansion and the opening of the new STK in Miami.