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Experts Warn Deadly rogue ‘Superman’ ecstasy pills laced with PMMA May Be Rebranded

Drug experts have issued a warning that the Superman-stamped ‘ecstasy’ pills that caused 4 recent deaths in the UK may have been rebranded and are possibly still in circulation. The lethal pills were found to contain ParaMethoxyMethylAmphetamine (PMMA) – a highly toxic chemical that has caused a sobering number of ‘ecstasy’-related deaths in the past couple of years. The batch is believed to have originated in the Netherlands.

The effects of PMMA, although vaguely similar to MDMA, act slower, and thus make people more prone to overdose. PMMA also causes the body to dehydrate and overheat faster, which is exponentially more dangerous when you’re dancing and sweating all night surrounded by warm bodies and not a whole lot of drinking water.

“Early warning signs [of PMMA overdose] are that you feel more agitated and less nice than usual,” says Dr. Adam Winstock of the Global Drugs Survey. Dr. Winstock also states that it is impossible to test for the presence of PMMA on a home test kit.



Even though pills containing PMMA are rare, they are extremely dangerous and the warning should not be taken lightly. Remember, it is frighteningly easy for the pressers to simply change the shape and logo. “Don’t assume that because a pill has a different logo, it is safe,” says Winstock. “I guarantee if there is someone dodgy out there, they won’t be pressing more pills with the superman logo on.”

Make sure to watch out for your friends and those around you – don’t take anyone’s word for it and call an ambulance if you feel anyone is in trouble. Stay safe!

Read more at BBC (source).