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UKF Premieres Director Mike Diva’s Music Video For Savant’s ‘Kali 47’

Directed by YouTube Celebrity Mike Diva
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“Aleksander Vinter might just be the hardest working producer in dance music today.”
“A prodigious, maverick talent, Savant commands an army of dedicated fans by switching his production from dubstep to metal to breakbeats to glitch hop, all the while rocking shows in a variety of elaborate costumes.”


“In a time where much of EDM has become criticized for similar “main stage” sounds and formulaic structures, Savant is providing the scene a refreshing avant-garde approach to electronic music production.”


Having recently charted on both the Billboard Heatseekers and Dance charts with his most recent album Zion, which also peaked at #2 on the iTunesDance chart and #1 on both the Beatport and Bandcamp charts, prolific multi-instrumentalist and producer Savant has teamed up with award-winning music video director Mike Diva to premiere his most ambitious music video to date, exclusively with UKF. Set to the track ‘Kali 47,’ this video was years in the making, and takes on the classic spaghetti western story, within a futuristic world featuring a cast of heroes and villains draped in elaborate steampunk costumes.Using Savant‘s tumultuous production as the backdrop for his raunchy saloon setting, Diva channels the style of a Quentin Tarantino/Rodriguez production, using quick cuts, intense zooms, and fast camera movements to create an air of aestheticized violence, action, and horror. Chaos ensues as skeleton-faced outlaws burst into the saloon, and the patrons fight back with revolvers from behind overturned tables in a full-tilt John Wayne-style showdown.Savant’s music is inspired by literature, history, fantasy, and cinema, so it’s no wonder that the video for ‘Kali 47’ makes nods to all of the above. Much like Savant’s music, the video obeys no genre rules at all.

Kali 47‘ comes from Savant‘s ninth album Cult, which was released in the summer of 2013, and hit #1 on Beatport in every category in which it had a song. The funding for this video came from an IndieGoGo campaign in the fall of 2013, which raised just shy of $20,000, all of which went towards costumes, set, and video effects.




Multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter, performer, and producer Savant has established a status as dance-music culture’s most unpredictable, impossible-to-pigeonhole icon. That status has remained constant throughout Savant’s madly prolific career, spanning numerous singles, remixes, nominations for Norwegian Grammys, and 11 (!) full-length albums in just a few short years. Savant’s diverse appeal was made crystal clear in the instant breakthrough success of his flagship 2012 release, AlchemistAlchemist would go on to reach the #1 spot on seven separate Beatport charts: Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Electro-House, Glitch Hop, Drumstep, Indie Dance/Nu Disco and Overall.
During grade school he was diagnosed with a series of mental conditions – primarily Aspergers Syndrome, but with some autism and ADHD sprinkled in there. Vinter’s treatment revealed a silver lining: he also had a condition known as “savant syndrome, which allowed for a remarkable focus and aptitude in a particular talent – in Vinter’s case, music. “They told me as long as I kept doing music, I would succeed.”