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[Out Now] BPitch Control Presents Argy & Mama ‘Dominonation’ Album

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Already recognised as a driving force in electronic dance music, Berlin-based DJ/producer Argy has released on some of the most highly regarded labels including Desolat, Cadenza and BPitch Control and together with revered vocalist Simone Ogunbunmi, better known by her alias Mama, the duo are set to make a significant impression on the electronic landscape. Their anticipated debut album ‘Dominonation’ has just been released via BPitch Control.


Operating as a very different project to their respective solo work, ARGY & MAMA’s debut single features a blend of early UK rave and garage/2step characteristics, all painted with Manchester’s Hacienda sonic brushes as well as more modern house and techno aesthetics. All of it sits in perfect harmony with Mama’s sultry 90’s RnB vocal that’s delivered with the attitude and the spirit of a modern-day Grace Jones.


Who Am I’, ‘Recluse’ and ‘Niche’ are all potent examples of the promise that’s wrapped up in the duo’s partnership. Mama’s storytelling and striking delivery rides Argy’s nostalgia driven machine-made house music in an array of wholly unique ways, producing results that will appeal to numerous different audiences, from MJ Cole fans to Ibiza’s underground party scene.


Whether evoking shades of classic soul singers with her breathy, honey-coated chants on the latter or positively driving the direction and poise of ‘Recluse’, Mama manages to touch on a number of different themes (including love, human obsession and the soul) while adding enriched melodies.


The full length album highlights the duo’s more elaborate song-writing abilities, fusing contemporary underground genres with radio friendly hooks, serving up tinges of gothic darkness with a smattering of gritty, lo-fi sensibilities


In the lead up to the anticipated release ARGY & MAMA announced that revered UK producer Hot Since 82 and former Bloc Party frontman Kele had been enlisted to provide their own twists on two album tracks on ‘Dominonation Remixes PT. 1‘, out on the 27th February.


Dominonation‘ was released on the 19th of January 2015, and the album experience will be accompanied by a series of intimate live shows building to an emotionally fuelled modern rave turned live band tour; more news on the shows to come soon.


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