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5 Tips To Help Grow Your Soundcloud

Headphone Activist has found a lot of success on Soundcloud over the past year and has put together a list of things that have helped him to keep moving forward and growing his fan base. 



5 Tips To Help Grow Your Soundcloud

1. Linking all of your social networking sites together.

In order to build your community of fans and friends, it is impotant that you make it easy for anyone to find your other pages, adding your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect. to your Soundcloud page is a great way for your fans and friends to follow you on other forums that can help keep them updated on new releases, shows, and more.


Having your Soundcloud link attached to your Twiiter and Facebook info is also an important step to making sure people who find you through other networking sites can easily access your music.

2. Make sure your links are updated and work.

As important as it is to have your pages all linked up, it is equally important to make sure all of your links work.  This is a simple mistake that I have made plenty of times. Simply click on your links from time to time and make sure that everything is still working, and if you change your address for a page make sure to update the link on the other pages that host that link. Simple, but important.

3.Stay Connected.

Our fans fuel the fire, they are the dedicated people who take time to listen to your new music, share it with their friends, and make your music a part of their collection. So when one of them takes the time to say ‘hi’ and thank you for your music, its important to say something back. Life can be busy, and of course you wont be able to message every person back, but a general rule of thumb IMO is if I don’t take the time to say thank you to those who positively support me, then I don’t deserve their support.

4. Meeting and Networking with other artists. 

Making Friends with other artists is awesome, Thanks to Soundcloud and other social networking sites, we have the opportunity to watch each other grow as artists, as well as lend feedback and suggestions towards each others work. Talking about the DAW’s we use, what VST’s to download, and sharing the music we are inspired by and love. This is still one of my favorite things to do, so if you hear something you like from another artist, drop them a PM and introduce yourself, you never know, you could be starting a great friendship or a future collab project just by a simple message.

5. Most Important.


Life is to short to not chase your dreams and do what you love. Now, thanks to all of these new outlets for social marketing, sharing your ideas and art with people has never been easier. Use social networking tools for their full opportunity and share your sound / art with the world.



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