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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Jayceeoh Unleashes 4-Track ‘No Clearance EP’ – Out Now via Super 7 Records



Multitalented DJ / producer, Jayceeoh, exploded onto the scene after debuting his critically acclaimed Super 7 mixtape series. Featuring world renowned acts from both dance music and hip hop, including The Gaslamp Killer and Z-Trip, Jayceeoh quickly set himself apart from the pack. The expert mixer and legendary turntablist boasts production skills to match, which are on full display in his ‘No Clearance EP’.

Featuring marquee singles in “98 Lakers” and “I’m the King”, Jayceeoh is releasing this entire four track behemoth as a free download. This perfectly aligns with the moniker of no clearances, as Jayceeoh decided against the clearing of these sampled productions as individual singles. Rather than keep them hidden from his fans, this free EP is a testament to his fearless attitude and dedication to his fans.

A perfect addition to his Super 7 Records, the ‘No Clearance EP‘ is sure to keep trap, dance and hip hop lovers utterly satisfied with it’s dirty beats and fearsome drops. Creating a hectic myriad of beats, Jayceeoh unleashes a rendition of rhythms that will surely keep the crowd bouncing off the walls. “98 Lakers” brings a steady beat as it drops into a total mastery of vibrations and a slow build created by a rising repetition of its lyrics. “I’m the King” begins with an explosive rumble that clearly shows off Jayceeoh’s expertise in generating tremors through any listener’s subconscious.

Jayceeoh has established himself as as a cutting-edge DJ and a notable producer. His lofty resume includes releases on Fool’s Gold, Buygore, Smog, and Ultra Records. Not to mention a 2014 tour as direct support for The Bloody Beetroots, fully demonstrating his mastery of multiple genres. These skills were presented on VH1’s “Master of the Mix”, as he took home the crown and displayed brilliant capabilities as an artist. Jayceeoh possesses a workhorse mentality in studio and on the decks, with a passion for music that few can match.