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MOSES: I’d like to start off talking about your girlfriend, Flower Fairy. I actually discovered her first. I was on my way down from a mountain party after DJ’ing and my friend had put on “Beautiful inside my own mind”. I was like who is this? His response was “Flower Fairy.” So I was like hmmm….Flower Fairy; so I went ahead and downloaded Nursery Gryme and then later I found you and her performing together on youtube.com

DUB FX: That’s amazing you were a fan of her first! I am so proud of her, that’s beautiful.

MOSES: I know right lol, so the story I know of how you two met was that she was in Piccadilly sitting inside her house when all of a sudden she heard some “phat beatboxing”. So she went outside to find you busking in the streets, she got closer and listened to music as she nodded her head in time then all of a sudden some passed her the mic. She didn’t know what to do in the middle of the cypher so she rhymed the only thing she knew which were some nursery rhymes. Would you care to elaborate?

DUB FX: That’s how it happens in the song, that’s more a of an embellishment of what really happened. What actually happened was she saw me busking in the streets, then a week later she saw me at a club. I was staying at this girl’s house at the time, and this girl was like “hey by the way when you go out tonight, my sister is going to be there. So could you give this to her.”? So I went down there and saw this chick who just liked Ruthie the girl I was staying with but a younger smaller version. I was like oh shit she looks FINE. So I went up to her and was like yo what’s your name are you Ruthie’s sister? She was like yeah, I was like “sweet well I got drugs for you 🙂 ” That was my chat up line. lol.

So we hung out that night and the week after, I loved her voice, I loved the way she talked to me and then a week later I was like hey I gotta go out and sell some CDs do you want to come with me? She was like “YEAH!” So she went out with me and sold more CDs than I have ever sold in my life. It used to take me an hour and she sold everything in one song. She didn’t get on the mic for about a year though. Every time we walked home from street performing she would sing me nursery rhymes, so that’s how we conceptualized the Nursery Gryme album.

MOSES: My favorite song is probably Teddy Bear.

DUB FX: *Begins singing teddy bear* — You know that’s a kid album right?

MOSES: Yeah man, I know lol. I was just telling my girlfriend how she show it to her friends who has kids and stuff. I also like gingerbread man.

DUB FX: What about imaginary place? That’s my favorite song, and then it jumps into jungle at the end.

MOSES: Oh yeah! dude yeah I remember that song, I saw you at respect Thursday too but the way. But forward, on one of my favorite videos of you is when you and flower fairy perform a version of “Step in my trip & Fly a kite” on the streets in front of what seems to be a mall.

DUB FX: Oh yeah, that was a weird day. I was putting her up and she sings kind of out of tune in that one. You notice that?

MOSES: No not at all! She did seem a bit lethargic though, but still one of my favorite videos hands down. There was this guy who is supposed to be security for the mall or something, and he’s just standing there like O__O WTF. I feel like i’ve seen every video except for the one with you guys live in gent that’s about an hour long.

DUB FX: WOW I appreciate. I really wish Flower Fairy was here but music isn’t her passion, nutrition is her passion. She is studying to become a health coach. She just graduated from being a personal trainer and moving forward.

MOSES: One of my favorite songs off your Theory of Harmony album is The Intro. You’re honestly the only artist i’ve ever geeked out and acted like a school girl around upon meeting them. You’re 110% hands down my favorite artist of all time. I’m serious man, I interview a lot of people and yeah I just want to say its very nice to meet you. It’s an honor.

DUB FX: WOW Thanks again, but I don’t understand why?

MOSES: Because you’re conscious, and the way you present your self your stage presence is unparalleled but honestly it just comes down to your lyrics. Your lyrics just give me chills and I love drum & bass more than anything.

DUB FX: Thanks man, There’s not a lot of people pushing drum & bass.

MOSES: Orlando is an old skool Junglist so big up to him. Well moving forward I heard rumor that your dad is actually a reggae artist? Is this true?

DUB FX: Nope not true!

MOSES: Haha, rumors well where do you draw your influence from?

DUB FX: Well my dad did influence me a lot, he was in a punk band, he was in band called James Razor and the Blades in the 70s. He never really took it too seriously but he always finds very good soulful music. He was 21 when he had mad so when I was 12 he was he was like in his 30s. So I would go into his punk band CD collection which I then took and began listening to as I began as I skated. There was so much good stuff like reggae, NWA, Korn, The offspring. Oh actually flower fairy is one of my biggest interviews. She’s the one who introduced me to jungle and drum and bass, Garage.

MOSES: WHAT!! WHAT!!! THAT’S BAD ASS! Oh btw, I loved how you just dropped the knowledge on these people when they asked you what you thought about “EDM”. Because outside of america the term “EDM” is just a joke. It’s just music outside of america.

DUB FX: EXACTLY. The term “EDM” doesnt make sense. Like I don’t consider Jungle EDM. Its amen breaks with a sine wave! I don’t know, it sounds raw and soulful its just music man. I find the term silly and I understand what it means but I’m not going to shit on anyone’s bonfire. Its mainly an american term.

MOSES: Moving forward, that son senorita off of the Theory of Harmony LP. Is it based on a true story? I thought it was a love song at first but would you care to elaborate?

DUB FX: It’s not based on a true story but it happens a lot on tour where you get tempted on things and you have to learn how to do draw the line. But the inspiration came from a facebook fan girl who wanted me to write her a song. She said she was in love with me and she loves me. So I thought to my self “fuck that, you’re not my lady; I’m not writing you anything”! But then I thought to my self “That’s harsh, it would be nice to write a love song to all of those girls who want a love song from me”. But I can’t really because I have a girlfriend, so its a combination of both. Most of my music is a mish mash of different situations.

MOSES: Any words of wisdom for the budding producer / musician?

DUB FX: It’s really important to listen to as much music as you can and not pigeon yourself into any one genre. Just make music. Don’t think to your self “OH IM THIS DUBSTEP PRODUCER AND THATS ALL I MAKE”. If you listen to what the best artist says about music they listen to everything!

MOSES: That’s what makes you unique, your music spans across a wide range of genres.

DUB FX: If the music is done right it will sound good. Doesn’t matter what genre you make.

MOSES: My favorite track of yours is “Step in my trip”. I didn’t realize it was a part of your first album “Live on the streets” until very recently; but I wanted to mention the first video I ever saw of you. It was you and flower fairy on some sort of tarp in the middle of nowhere. With a suitcase.

DUB FX: That was in some random location in Germany, they were called GattleDub TV. That’s an interesting one.

MOSES: I know everything you make is off your sampler + looper but is there a DAW you use?

DUB FX: Yeah I use cubase!

MOSES: Oh shit, old skool!

DUB FX: Yeah cubase is my shit. I’ve tried everything else and I just prefer Cubase. I’ve made songs in Ableton stemmed it out and then opened it up in Cubase and it sounds FUCKLOADS better! I don’t know what it is.

MOSES: Have you ever done a set with dub phizix?

DUB FX: Not Dub Phizix but I do love dub phizix! I actually recently met him at Sun and Bass in Sardania, Italy. Its an amazing Drum & Bass festival, think about dnb in one of the most beautiful locations in the world with crystal blue oceans and pink sands. Its the top drum and bass producers. Funktion one sound system / drum and bass all day. Dub Phizix lots of Jungle. The soulful kind of dnb not the angry dnb you normally hear.

MOSES: Yeah I love drum & bass more than anything, I’ve dedicated my life to it at this point. So i’ll definitely check out Sun & Bass.

MOSES: Ok so, you have two different voices.

DUB FX: Lyric and Monsoon.

MOSES: Oh they have names?

DUB FX: Lyric is the high voice and monsoon is the low voice

MOSES: Any last words or anyone you want to big up?

DUB FX: Massive love out to the Flower Fairy more than anyone on this planet, because I miss her to bits. Shout out to my crew in America who helps sets up my tour. We got cAde, Josh, Jim, and Mike, and Orlando.

MOSES: cAde! How did you meet that guy? He’s a SICK rapper.

DUB FX: Oh I’ve known him since we were 15 man. Basically we used to jam in the school days together. He came up to me and was like hey I play drums and I was like SWEET I play guitar. So we just jammed during lunch time. We were doing and played punk rock with rap. At the time we had a band called Never or now. It went from Punk to Punk Reggae then it got really heavy then we went into dubby metal like the deftones and we loved Rage, Korn, and Limp Biscuit. We stayed together in a metal band but we broke up when DUB FX started up in 2006. We didn’t talk for about three years and in 2009 I called him up and was like hey man I need some help with managing. So in 2009 he built my website and youtube and booking shows for me. He was always an emcee and drummer so he would rap and I would sing and we got together on the street and we traveled the world together. Now he’s too busy to tour with me because he is managing me and a few other artists. He’s always been my manager.

MOSES: Convoy is pretty new isn’t it?

DUB FX: Not that new, we started it in 2009.

MOSES: Well sick man I think that covers everything. I discovered you in 2008 when there were not many videos around and I first heard Beautiful inside my own my mind so it is an absolute honor to finally sit and chat with you.

DUB FX: Well that’s amazing man, Flower Fairy would be super proud to hear that you were a flower fairy fan before Dub FX because it’s usually the other way around.

Check out our photoset from the night before: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.547012318767306.1073741856.165518323583376&type=3