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Ham On Everything presents Migos & OG Maco

Friday’s HAM ON EVERYTHING party was E P I C. I feel comfortable starting off my article with this statement because thats exactly what it was-something epic, maybe even something biblical. When you hear about a jaw dropping ‘Project X’ style party from a friend, you imagine an insane lineup, special guest appearances, endless drinks flowing, smoke clouds in the sky and maybe a fight or two (but well get to that later on) Ham on Everything parties have always been infamously known for featuring some of Trap, Twerk and Hip Hop’s most sought after Acts in the game, so its to no surprise that Mac Miller and Carnage dropped in alongside the already incredible lineup of OG Maco and Migos. All artists aside, I can honestly say it was the supporting act  OG Maco that stole the show. His set was almost like a seminar, I’ve never seen the crowd so enticed- anxiously waiting for the next song he was going to drop. The crowd wasted no time starting a mosh pit, and Maco was quick to hop on the mic shouting, “Fellas, if you mosh up in here, don’t mosh on the ladies. Mosh away from the females, alright we don’t wan’ no problems, ya feel me? I’m just trying to give the crowd what they want…” and without a pause, the intro to Maco’s #1 hit, ‘B*TCH YOU GUESSED IT’ dropped and the crowd went wild. After several ‘jungle juice’ drinks from the bar,  I was feeling pretty wavy to say the least- and at that moment Migos hopped on stage. Ham On Everything was one for the books. If you’re ever in the LA area, make sure you stop at a HAM party. Addresses and locations aren’t released until day of, so it’s recommended you sign up for their email alerts via www.HamonEverything.tv