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MartyParty’s “Black House” Mix a Fresh Take on Genre-Blending

Renowned Trap and House music producer Martin Folb (PANTyRAIDMartyPartyPrimal Intent) is a maverick when it comes to integrating and blending genres to create music worthy of a true party. His most recent mix, “Black House” is a collage of pop and hip hop classics remixed into a bouncy club-house sound that is sure to get people on their feet and moving.  




Martin Folb aka MartyParty is a renowned producer and performer in the international electronic music scene. Born and raised in South Africa and currently residing in Miami, he has been producing music for his live show since 2005. Crossing all genres, he is renowned for creating music that is often emotional and experimental in nature. Throughout his eight-year career he has released 6 albums under various collaborations including the super group PANTyRAID and his solo show with MartyParty.  His latest collaboration, Primal Intent, is an exploration of Minimal techno together with rich basslines and psuedo-organic synthesis in a sound he likes to call, Minimal Bass.




“Folb has successfully broken the monotomy of dance music with his soulful yet heavy bass music”  
-Mike Teez, EDM.com