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Dirtyphonics Releases ‘Write Your Future’ EP on Dim Mak feat. ƱZ, 12th Planet & Trinidad Jame$

Yesterday, French duo Dirtyphonics released their new EP, Write Your Future, on Dim Mak now available on Beatport. This high intensity EP features a mix of  Dirtyphonic’s usual Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Drumstep sounds but with a little Rock ‘n’ Roll flair. Did we mention they also threw a Trap song in there? 10998647_10152575052461338_4143318181609524617_n

A few weeks back, TrapStyle attended a private listening party at Sonos Studios in Los Angeles, where the Dirty duo debuted  took the stage for a Live Q&A Shortly into their interview, Write Your Future featured artists 12th Planet joined in, as well as Trinidad Jame$. (only ƱZ wasn’t in attendance) After filling in the crowd with a little background on how the EP was put together, Dirtyphonics hopped on the decks, and T.J. grabbed the mic to perform “Hustle Hard” Live for the very first time. 17889_10152576841901338_5559302248184086215_n

“Hustle Hard” is one of the very first Trap releases from the duo featuring contributions from ƱZ and ATL’s very own Trinidad Jame$. What better producer to collaborate with on your  first Trap song than ƱZ -the masked Godfather of Trap. “We hooked up with  ƱZ  in L.A to write the main theme and epic intro and then finished the song in Paris for added grittiness,” Dirtyphonics told FADER . “We then sent it to Atlanta where Trinidad Jame$ put his voice on and everything happened quite fast. We all were on the same vibe and you can definitely hear it. Since then it has received major support from Djs all around the world – this tracks talks to everyone.”

It wasn’t until I pulled Pitchin and Charlie aside after their performance  and got the inside scoop on the EP and their recent move to LA. I was quick to ask what they’re schedule was like since moving here and Pitchin waisted no time to reply- “In Paris, the weather is so dark and gloomy, we always would wait to record in the nights, when we felt most alive. Since moving to LA, our schedules are very busy and we record mostly during the day because we’re up and about- the weather is just so beautiful…”  I then followed up with a question about their studio, Charlie replied…  “In Paris, our studio was in the ghetto, I’m serious, it was not a safe street…” Pitchin added, “Here, its the total opposite. We record in our studio here which is in our new home. It’s so much easier to just roll out of bed, do what you love and be in a city that inspires you.”

I could’t agree with that statement more and as a Los Angeles native I can tell you that L.A. has always been a mecca. Thousands of industry people flock here for the weather, the music and the non-stop entertainment. After all this is the land where dreams come true, and I can see that thats the inspiration behind the Write Your Future EP– you can do anything you set your mind to, the future is in YOUR hands.  So, for those that have been awaiting new music from Dirtyphonics- fear not, the Write Your Future EP dropped yesterday on Dim Mak.

Go grab it on: iTunes: found.ee/writeyourfuture_i

Beatport: found.ee/writeyourfuture_b

Amazon: found.ee/writeyourfuture_a