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The Glitch Mob ‘Love Death Immortality Remixes’ Feat. Bassnectar, Plaid, Chrome Sparks & More

Out Today, February 24, on Glass Air Records
Listen & Purchase HERE
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One year following the release of their sophomore LP, The Glitch Mob are pleased to announce the release of Love Death Immortality Remixes, an eighteen-track collection of covers, remixes, and remakes of original songs from their 2014 chart-topping Love Death Immortality album release.
“The Glitch Mob did their fans, and their own legacy a service, by not only tapping the hottest young artists of the day for remix duties, but also giving a nod to those who came before them,” said The Untz. The album features remixes by heavy-hitting dance music artists such as  BassnectarPlaid, NadastromMord FustangSi Begg, and Emalkay, as well as showcases a variety of newcomers to the indie and electronic music space including FilousYaarrohsZeros, and Pair of Arrows. Additionally, they have enlisted Joe Trapenese who is renowned for his work with Daft Punk on theTron:Legacy film score. 

The full Love Death Immortality Remixes collection is available on all major online retailers and streaming music services via the band’s Glass Air Records imprint on February 24, 2015.

1. Beauty of the Unhidden Heart (Bassnectar Remix)
2. Fly By Night (Yaarrohs Cover)
3. Can’t Kill Us (Joe Trapanese Remix)
4. Our Demons (Filous Remix)
5. Skullclub (EPROM Remix)
6. Mind of a Beast (Si Begg Remix)
7. I Need My Memory Back (Boom Bip Remix)
8. Skytoucher (Starkey Remix)
9. Becoming Harmonious (Nadastrom Remix)
10. I Need My Memory Back (Zeros Remix)
11. Beauty of the Unhidden Heart (Chrome Sparks Remix)
12. Fly By Night (Strange Talk Remix)
13. Can’t Kill Us (Plaid Remix)
14. Our Demons (Pair of Arrows Remix)
15. Beauty of the Unhidden Heart (Dean Grenier Remix)
16. Carry The Sun (Mord Fustang Remix)
17. Skullclub (Emalkay Remix)
18. Our Demons (Hive Remix)
Visit http://theglitchmob.com/tour for more info.
“…Remix albums can give a record a second life. Glitch Mob connected with a wide range of artists to remix their songs, including Mord Fustang, Bassnectar, and Boom Bip.”

“The original—a downtempo, atmospheric track—gets a pulsing baseline and trancey vocal begging for the nearest dance floor.”
-Entertainment Weekly on Nadatrom’s ‘Becoming Harmonious’ remix
“Commencing the remix with TGM’s original 130bpm tempo, EPROM proceeds to send the track into crunched up, half-time territory, slowing everything down as fuzzy bass stabs penetrate through vocal chops and snappy snare hits.”
-Nest HQ on EPROM’s ‘Skullclub’ remix
“This remix is a masterpiece, and most welcome from a crowd favorite such as Mord Fustang who has been experimenting with different styles as of late.”
-YourEDM on Mord Fustang’s “Carry The Sun” remix
Warp veterans Plaid are, arguably, experiencing a second creative renaissance right now; last year’s Reachy Prints hit some serious melodic highs for the IDM mainstays, and now they’ve delivered this rippling remix of The Glitch Mob’s “Can’t Kill Us.”
-The Fader on Plaid’s ‘Can’t Kill Us’ remix
“Starkey torches “Skytoucher” with vocal samples that lick the original like flames on firewood. On that same metaphor, the tracks elements are completely transformed, from the dark depths of dubstep to red-hot trap.”
-Magnetic Mag on Starkey’s ‘Skytoucher’ remix
“It’s the sort of record that keeps you in the club until the lights come on. It’s also catchy as hell and makes expert use of “I Need My Memory Back’s” vocal track.”
-Thump on Zero’s ‘I Need My Memory Back’ remix