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Eddy Whitaker Photography
Eddy Whitaker Photography

El Paso native Riot Ten chatted it up with Trapstyle during his “Spring Fling” tour

Eddy Whitaker Photography
Eddy Whitaker Photography

Trapstyle had the pleasure of sitting down with Riot Ten (Chris Wilson) over the weekend when he made a stop in Clarksville, Tennessee on his “Spring Fling” tour. The show was great and Chris had some interesting things to say!
Check out the interview below:

TS: What does ‘Riot Ten’ mean to you? 

RT: I wanted a name that was creepy yet unique. My birth month is in October and I’ve always been into scary stuff.

TS: So you stopped wearing your mask…

RT: I don’t feel I need the mask anymore. I am trying to market myself away from the mask. I’ll only pull it out for super special occasions!

TS: You started producing hip hop at the age of 15, what would you say inspired you to make music? 

RT: My buddy Jack Bass and I wanted to make our own beats because we felt like buying beats was stealing. I’ve always just been into music. El Paso has a pretty decent EDM scene too so that helped.

TS: We all have our favorites, what DAW could you absolutely not live without? 

RT: Gonna have to say FL Studio. I’ve been using it since I was fifteen and I really know the backend of the program. It is simple to use but there is so much you can do with it.

TS: Take us through the creative process behind “Texas Anthem” 

RT: Jack Bass and I really wanted to make a big tune. Everyone is proud of being from Texas and it felt like a good time to put an anthem out. Jack Bass did the drop and I did the arrangement.

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Eddy Whitaker Photography
Eddy Whitaker Photography

TS: Any Texas producers you want to give a shout out to? 

RT: Geez there is so many! Jack Bass, Muscles, Biggs, Prizmo, Gabba, Bro Safari…shout out to everybody!

TS: What is your favorite place to throw down at in your hometown? 

RT: House parties in El Paso are always great. I really enjoy playing the Primal Filth shows too.

Some of my favorite cities around the US are Minneapolis, San Diego and Atlanta.

TS: You’ve been traveling from city to city for a few months now! How do you keep your energy going from city to city?

RT: Well I only travel Thursday-Sunday because I have a son back home and I really want to be involved in his life. I take him to and from school and while he is at school I work on music and hang out around the house. On Thursday I wake up early and get myself together, I just know I have to hit the road and I’m prepared to do it. I’ve really been enjoying this tour!

TS: Name your top three goals to accomplish for this year 

RT: I would like to break 100k followers on Facebook and 30k followers on Soundcloud. I would also love to play some more festivals! EDC is obviously the biggest goal.

TS: So what festivals are you playing coming up? 

RT: I’ll be at Krave in Melbourne, Florida next week and Dancefestopia in St Louis during the summer.

TS: Do you have any new projects in the works?

RT: Right now I am just working on a lot of unreleased stuff. Nothing to announce just yet but wait on it

TS: What would you say most attributed to your success up to this point? 

RT: I kinda do the PR on my own and I think that helped. My management is really great at getting me into the cities people want to see me in. I also found that networking online helped get collaborations and also saying thank you to the fans for the support keeps them supporting. Being a nice person and appreciating your come up is big for success.

Eddy Whitaker Photography
Eddy Whitaker Photography

TS: Do you have any advice for up and coming talent? 

RT: I would say to stay true to yourself and keep at it. Don’t forget why you are doing this. I think a lot of people get lost in the “looking cool” aspect of it all and forget to be creative. Always always give back to your fans and don’t ever stop working.

TS: Festie season is officially upon us! What do you think the track of the summer is going to be?

RT: I really think Coco by OG Genesis is going to be a big one. So many great remixes are out too!

TS: If you were stuck on an abandoned island and only had a knife, a case of water and some rope what would you do to survive?

RT: You know I never really thought about it…I watch survival shows but unless I was in the moment I don’t really know what I would do

TS: What is a fact about you that someone would be surprised to know?

RT: Well I had my son when I was sixteen and I dropped out of school when I was seventeen. School just wasn’t interesting to me but I had a plan of how I was going to make a living. I wouldn’t suggest dropping out of school to anybody! Really know what you wanna do before you make big decisions.

TS: So knowing you are going to be on the road a lot, do you produce on the road? 

RT: I don’t because I feel more comfortable in my space at home. It brings me inspiration being in that environment.

Connect with Riot Ten: 

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