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Trapstyle Talks ft. RAIN MAN


By: Andreas Doris

Hollywood is home to some great classic theaters, whose halls have been filled with live musicals, plays, and orchestra performances. Some of these theaters push to maintain that classic reputation, while other venues have opened their doors to adopt the modern attraction of electronic nightlife. On the west coast, the Los Angeles area is arguably the heart of the EDM scene. Hollywood is home to The Avalon Theater, whose dance hall gets a weekly beating by the local bass chasers every Friday night for CONTROL. We were lucky enough to stop by the Avalon on Friday, April 17th to catch a headline performance by none other than Kris Trindl, stage name, Rain Man.

Before the show, we had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation in a quiet (quieter than the dance hall) green room, with a producer freshly emerging as an independent act, the headliner, Rain Man. Surprisingly, it was the first time he had ever played a show in Los Angeles.

The meet-up had been arranged ahead of time, and the conversation went well. I was nervous for my first interview with a successful musician. But, hanging out in Los Angeles though I have learned to always keep in mind, “producer” starts with the letter “p”, and so does the word “person.”

I grew up playing music myself, but did not pursue it much after 10th grade. Of course my parents didn’t like band practice in the house. Now that I think about it, I don’t want that in my house when I have kids either.

When I got to sit down with an individual achieving success in it professionally, I was interested to learn about how he began making noise that sounded pleasing to the ears.


A – Did you start playing instruments? What is your music background?

K – I’ve been playing guitar for about 14 years. Just picked it up. I wanted to be in a band so bad. Started off covering Metallica songs. By high school I was in metal bands, rock bands, and then in college I started experimenting with electronic music. With the bands, we never really had the money to put out a record, it’s expensive. I was in so many bands and it started getting hectic. I found with electronic music, I can produce a song by myself, so I started going in that direction


Rain Man has recently made the transition to working on his own. I wanted to ask his opinion about being able to produce how he wants.


A – What elements do you like to incorporate in to your music?

K – I like to put in as much guitar, real guitar sounding synths that I can. Real guitar is hard though because of the frequency range and the mids, they kind of get lost. I listen to death-metal, metal, metal-core, but I also listen to Jazz. So, I don’t really sit down and listen to like Knife Party when I listen to music for fun ya know, but when I do listen to that, Skrillex is also a huge influence of mine. Listening to them just reminds me, “electronic music is a more dialed in solid version of a metal record.”


A – What was the turning point you realized you can do this a career?

K – I was 19 years old and making hip hop beats in Chicago. I hoped maybe Young Jeezy would pick up one of my beats. I entered in to a beat battle, and got in to the final round and I lost because the other guy used a Biggie sample in Chicago. After that event, the judges were industry people. One of them was an engineer, he worked on some of Kanye’s stuff, some of Eminem’s stuff, he hired me to start making beats for him. Then  I started working with this other producer, and thats when I was coming out with Krewella. Our first two tracks got a lot of traction so I went with that.


A – So the Krewella project was something that went along with the way the music scene was going, the rise of the mainstream pop culture. You, above all, have interest in making good music. Who would you have your dream collaboration with?

K – I would really love to get some vocals from my favorite death metal vocalists, Cory Taylor from SlipKnot or Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence, R.I.P though, that would have been great. I got to work with the drummer from Animosity, Navene K, he does beats now, but we never put anything out. Anyone from the metal realm that I could bring over.


A – Would you ever want to re-incorporate a live element to your shows, maybe bring a drummer on stage with you?

K – Under the right circumstances, ya.


He has enough potential as an individual producer to rock the house anyway.


A – This show tonight is the last of 3, of a mini series you’re working on. Whats next, do you have an album you’re working on?

K – Singles. (chopping motion with his arm) Im going to be doing singles. Ive done an album before, its like work on it for nine million years and then that’s one project done. Now its like, we just put out “Visionary” (Buygore), and in a month I want to put out another one, and then another one.


Take the time out of your busy day to bang your head and bust out some trap arms to Visionary ft. Sirah


A – If you could only perform at one of the two, for the rest of your career, Pool Party or Nightclub?

K – Nightclub. All day.


A– Whats the craziest thing you’ve seen on tour?

K – I haven’t seen that much crazy stuff. We had a show down in the south area. As expected, we were all hanging out outside after a show. Everybody agreed, “oh lets go get some food.” Some dude passing on the street just heard and decided he was part of the posse. At dinner everyone was saying you know, “Hi, how do you know each other..” sort of thing, and there was this one guy sitting at the table that nobody knew!

The pace of being a producer is exhausting and its always a pleasant escape to talk about the good times that come from all the effort. I asked Kris,


A – What is your favorite thing about stepping up on stage?

K – Its almost like I treat it like being in the classroom. You get to see the reaction. What energy works and what doesn’t. You can play a song in to another song and they’re not even in the same key and you think they sound like crap, but the crowd goes crazy. It doesn’t have to be melodic!

A – All those hours of preparing your music in the studio become worth it when you finally get to see the crowd react right there in front of you.

K – “What you think might go off, doesn’t, and what you think might not be great, might end up being the greatest part of your set.”


A – Do you have any shows coming up?

K – Were doing LED in San Diego and another LA show after that.


Originally from the east coast myself, I am very conscious of the unique lifestyle and mentality that is harbored here in southern California. Being that Kris is a guy from north Chicago he could relate, having moved to Los Angeles just 2 years ago because of the potential it holds for musicians.

That’s why I needed to move to LA, its just a conglomerate of musicians.

 A – Do you enjoy working with other producers on tracks?

K – I like collaborating, but sometimes I do my best work alone. There’s certain people when you get that flow with them, you can sit down every day and connect. Sometimes it’s difficult, especially if there is a language barrier. They’re like, “well I want to do this on a track, and you look at them like, what?”

Most important question of the night…

A – My girlfriend brought some chocolate, would you like a peanut butter cup?

K – Ya!


With 6 minutes to go until his set time, we wrapped up the interview with a few handshakes and a warm thank you. Its much appreciated when artists take a minute away from work to connect with the people that are there to learn and support them. Thank you to Brandon at Red Light Management for the hospitality, and Aviel with the Avalon Hollywood PR team for arranging the interview. CONTROL had an action packed lineup that evening with sets from bass heavy producers Lumberjvck and SikDope. We also got to see a special guest performance by that dude David Crow, stage name, Ghastly, and that was just a cherry on top of a great Fri-dae (see what I did there).

Kris Trindl is a guy we can all relate too. Pursuing what he wants and doing things the way he wants to. You’re guaranteed to see a storm of great music coming soon from the Rain Main.

Interview and Article done by: Andreas Doris
twitter: @dwedoris

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