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Lightning in a Bottle 2015: a Review

If you have ever been to LIB you know this festival is about far more than music. There are just as many yoga master classes as there are headlining sets. Between the three stages, there are countless meditation sessions, environmental and spiritual workshops, more live painters sprinkled throughout than I’ve even seen at a festival… the list goes on. The stages may turn down at 2AM, but the adventure never stops.

Giant Wood Woman installation by the Woogie Stage
The Teapots
The Teapots










Another truly beautiful aspect about LIB is their “Pack-It-In, Pack-It-Out” and “leave no trace” camping. Instead of having dumpsters and trashcans throughout campgrounds, the festival asks that each campsite bring all of their trash with them after the festival ends. This really encourages attendees to “go green” and get creative using reusable cups, utensils, dishes, etc. to minimize the amount of garbage you need to pack back into your car. Nobody wants to drive around smelling like a dumpster!! But the vibes and message from LIB are so strong that it doesn’t stop there – they continue to resonate within every soul that got to experience the beauty of the festival and we will hopefully be able to continue making the world a greener and more positive place in our home towns, and wherever our paths may take us.

Woogie Stage lit up at night
Woogie Stage lit up at night

The music is what drew us in, but we took away so much more from our LIB journey. If you are a lover of good vibes, art, music, and general good times, we would highly recommend putting Lightning in a Bottle on your to-do list.

The Woogie
Thomas Jack crowd at the Woogie

Speaking of lists, we pulled a small one together of the stars of LIB 2015 (according to TrapStyle)

Best stage: the Woogie

Best campsite: Headtron

Most unique music: Made in Heights

Best live painter: Loftiness (Matthew Lofti Koscica)

Most bizzarre structure: Giant teapots

Favorite event: yoga. at every hour of every day.

Best food: the Dough-Lab (Do-Lab’s organic pizza. yum.)