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Out Now: Calyx & Teebee – ‘Long Gone / Sawn Off’

Stream “Long Gone” HERE

& “Sawn Off” HERE

Their latest single “Long Gone/Sawn Off” is testament to that statement and has proven that the pair are not scared to dip into unfamiliar territories.” – Ministry of Sound

“Larry Calyx’s vocals float over a dreamy guitar riff on “Long Gone,” “Sawn Off” goes straight for the jugular with a stomping gangsta beat that’s sure to have the kids bouncing off the walls and begging for more.” – Insomniac


Calyx & Teebee press shots for RAM Records, September 2012.  Photography by Andrew J Attah
Calyx & Teebee Photography by Andrew J Attah

Being a production line of carefully crafted composition with a meticulous production standard, Calyx & Teebee have delivered yet again. And after dominating the Beatport Top 100 with their most recent single ‘A Day That Never Comes / Snakes & Ladders’, they won’t be applying the brakes anytime soon, especially in the lead up to their greatly anticipated second album on the Ram imprint.

Back on vocal duties, Calyx demonstrates the pair’s multi-dimensional approach to beat making. With plucky percussion relaying you through bouncing subs and a drivingly solid bassline, it defines their vast repertoire of style. They’re not scared to dip into unfamiliar territories, with Calyx’s cool vocals sitting on top of lulling guitar rhythms to provide the first part of a diverse and brilliantly crafted record.

‘Sawn Off’ rolls out next; it’s a grittier track than its predecessor, with a conundrum of hi-hats and aggressive drum patterns. Pounding pads take you towards a colossal break, heighten by the effect of a cleverly placed sample. The track ricochets throughout, not losing momentum or impact, with an intricately weaved structure, one only achievable by a team who’ve been running the game for decades.

With an album laying just out of reach, each single is bringing us closer and closer to the inevitable. All four tracks prove they’re still a formidable force to be reckoned with; this LP will only emphasise that fact.

Watch the video for ‘Long Gone’ here