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The Glitch Mob Announces ‘Piece of the Indestructible’ EP Out Now on Glass Air Records

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“Better Hide, Better Run (ft. Mark Johns)” HERE

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On the cusp of their headlining performance at Austin’s X Games alongside Metallica and Nicki Minaj, The Glitch Mob release their new single “Better Hide, Better Run (ft. Mark Johns),” from their forthcoming 3-track EP ‘Piece of the Indestructible,’ out June 9 on The Glitch Mob’s Glass Air imprint.

Inspired by the notion that music can make you feel indestructible and allow for transcending limitations (for example, read the story of Grant Korgan), ‘Piece of the Indestructible’ is a mix of the stadium-ready style of their recent releases and the more spacey, introspective vibe of their first album Drink The Sea.

“This EP emerged from a period of soul searching about our own music and music itself,” say The Glitch Mob. “We realized that music arms people against the dangers, trials, and ups and downs of life. It’s like a force field. It’s badass, but not merely for the sake of just being tough. There’s a purpose there.”

Featuring sultry vocals from Moving Castle collective member Mark Johns, lead single “Better Hide, Better Run” takes the classic Glitch Mob sound into the future with its powerful tribal rock-infused electro style. The EP is rounded out by two forthcoming tracks, the intensely cinematic opener “Head Full of Shadows” and the more ethereal closer “The Clouds Breathe For You.”

Upcoming shows include HARD Summer,
 North Coast Festival, & Electric Zoo
Upcoming Spring & Summer Tour Dates:
Tickets and more information HERE
6/19-6/21 – Scheessel, DE – Hurricane Festival
6/19-6/21 – Neuhausen Ob Eck, DE – Southside Festival
6/20 – Wiesen, Austria – Urban Art Forms Festival
6/25 – St. Gallen, Switzerland – Open Air St. Gallen
6/26 – Cluj, Romania – Electric Castle Festival
7/30 – Morrison, CO – HARD Red Rocks
8/1 – Pomona, CA – HARD Summer
8/8-8/9 – Baltimore, MD – Moonrise Festival
8/29-8/30 – Atlanta, GA – Imagine Festival
8/30 – New Orleans, LA – Joy Theater
9/2 – Nashville, TN – Marathon Music Works
9/3 – St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
9/4-9/6 – New York, NY – Electric Zoo Festival
9/4-9/6 – Chicago, IL – Northcoast Festival
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2015 has been a huge year for electronic/rock trio The Glitch Mob. First, they released a special remix LP of their #13 Billboard Top LP charting sophomore album Love Death Immortality in February. Next, they were announced as a headliner of Austin’s X Games taking place on June 7 alongside Nicki Minaj and Metallica, in addition to co-headlining dates with Chromeo and festival plays at HARD, Sasquatch, and Electric Zoo (all dates listed below).


Following that came the release of their remix of Metallica’s “Lords of Summer,” which was called “epic, hair-raising and goosebump inducing” by UKF and is now being used as the official anthem of the X Games in Austin. As if all of that weren’t enough, they dropped a documentary about their incredible live setup “The Blade,” which was over two years in the making and provides insight into the amount of behind-the-scenes work that goes into having such a complex live show. Keep an eye out for ‘Piece of the Indestructible’ next Tuesday.

“[The Blade] resembles a futuristic machine of violent design, with which they pair custom software that allows them to switch live roles on the fly, like a traditional rock band that—instead of swapping solos—can trade off entire instruments mid-song.”

-Creator’s Project

“I didn’t know that the X Games were still a thing, or that they have headliners, for that matter. But these are both facts! … maybe I just really like Glitch Mob”

-Metal Sucks

“Put your headphones on, turn [The Glitch Mob’s remix of Metallica] up, and get so amped you end up getting a concussion. Totally worth it.”

-Vice Noisey

With a battery of touchscreens and drum triggers, The Glitch Mob dropped what was the most impressive set of electronica on the festival, which is saying a lot on a bill that features some of the biggest DJs in the world.

-Houston Press

“Sonically complex beatscapes with a heavy dose of aggression, reflecting the group’s influences of Portishead, Nine Inch Nails and Tool, but still wholly its own.”


“The Glitch Mob’s new album, “Love Death Immortality,” is so robust and dynamic that it deserves a subgenre tag all its own. How about “rock-and-roll?”

The Washington Post

“The Glitch Mob take EDM/rock fusion further than anyone…

monumentally scaled and monumentally gleaming.”