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SIRIUS XM + DJ Liquid Todd + Disco Killerz Track “Satisfaction” featuring Larcy Released for CHARITY

EMA PlayitFWD campaign and CHARITY TRACK, “Satisfaction” will be released through Cadence and Cause. Each song purchase will provide a child with a hearing loss and ear infection screening.


Tuesday night , July 14th 2015, Disco Killerz & Liquid Todd released via WORLD Premiere on SiriusXM #BetaBPM, a new collaboration track feat. Larcy titled “Satisfaction” to provide children around the world with hearing loss and ear infection screenings.

Founding EMA Member DJ Liquid Todd from Sirius XM and Disco Killerz are releasing this track as part of the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) Play it FWD campaign. EMA artists are asked to do something charitable at least once a year. “Satisfaction” will be exclusively sold through CadenceandCause.com.

Each $1.50 raised will provide one child with a high quality screening. According to the World Health Organization, 181 million of the world’s children suffer from hearing loss. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for hearing impaired children in low and middle-income countries to find the hearing care they need. Supporting this cause means screening a child for hearing loss and infection, helping them to attend school, find work and participate in their communities.

Each purchase of “Satisfaction”, available exclusively through Cadence and Cause, will equate to one child receiving a free screening. Liquid Todd and V- Moda will also be creating a sweepstakes for a limited edition, custom pair of Liquid Todd edition headphones for all those that purchase the track! The initial goal is to raise funding to impact 305 children by providing them free screenings. The hope is that contributions and support will far exceed that number.

To support the cause, click HERE.

“I’m excited that Janine asked Disco Killerz and I to be part of this extremely important initiative and to share our music to benefit a great cause” – Liquid Todd
“I have always believed that unified, our electronic music culture is the sound of change.” – Janine Jordan of the EMA

Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that highlights best practices in the EDM community + inspires its members to #PlayItFWD. www.ema-global.org Satisfaction” marks the 2nd of 3 Play it FWD campaigns coming out this month.  Learn more here.


Cadence & Cause, developed by Clayton Warwick, Co- Founder of The Music Ninja, and advertising agency LRXD, is a new and novel music website that combines a cool listening experience with social responsibility. The site raises awareness and revenue for charities by connecting fans to emerging and established musicians and the causes they believe in. Artists offer exclusive tunes, merchandise and/or one-of-a-kind experiences to fans who kick in funds. FB / TW / IG – @CadenceandCause www.cadenceandcause.com

About Liquid Todd:

Trailblazer.Tastemaker. Troublemaker.

Award-winning dance radio pioneer, producer and performer Liquid Todd brings his signature irrepressible energy to SiriusXM Radio’s BPM channel every weeknight. LT also spins freshly- minted EDM every Tues on betaBPM and on Satnights he goes over to the Alt Nation channel on SiriusXM to play two hours of alt rock remixes and electro on Boombox Radio.

Twitter: @liquidtodd Facebook: djliquidtodd Email: liquidtodd@siriusxm.com Web: www.liquidtodd.com

About Disco Killerz:

Disco Killerz is a NY based producer/performer duo of Matthew Danger & The French. Their first track “We Came To Party” with violin player Sarah Charness, reached #48 on the Beatport Hot 100 Electro House chart and stayed on for a full month in early 2015. Their Remix of Priory – “Weekend” premiered on SiriusXM’s BPM Station and stayed on the playlist for 2 months. Their new EP in collaboration with violin player Sarah Charness will be featuring vocals from chart topping Delaney Jane, Kat Nestel, and up-and-comer Jem Cooke. Instagram/Twitter: @discokillerz Facebook: discokillerz

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/discokillerz Email: discokillerz@gmail.com

About Larcy:

Larcy likes music, sandwiches, beards, man buns and all sorts of other stuff. Twitter: @iamlarcy Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/iamlarcy