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New Buygore Release “Bazaar” Brings Dark, Symphonic Bass To Your Face

Buygore has been cranking out some of the most bangin’ releases lately, and LEViTATE & HPNTK‘s new release with the bass music label is no exception to this long streak of awesome content.

Bazaar” featuring Jay Battle‘s vocals is a head-bobber and is available today for purchase via Beatport, iTunes, and Spotify. The intro sounds like what the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy would sound like if Daft Punk were a couple of American trvplörds. Then it drops into huge, screechy, trappy goodness that’ll beg for you to headbang. This is a track to fire up on the aux cord when you’re rolling through the Six with your homies (or your woes, if that’s what you’re into) and you want to look thug when you pull up to that red light next to whomever is turning right. If it’s someone from a rival gang, just smile, wave, and turn up “Bazaar” when the light turns green and let it do the talking for you.

Cop this release right now by clicking on any of the links below!

Purchase on Beatport! (expensive af, but 320 kbps)

Purchase on iTunes! (it’s cheaper, but only 256 kbps)

Listen on Spotify!

Peep the track on Soundcloud below!