London-based electro-rock hybrid four-piece outfit MODESTEP–brothers Josh (vocals and keyboards) and Tony Friend (DJ, and guitar), Pat Lundy (drums) and Kyle Deek (lead guitar)–have announced the tour dates for the U.S. leg of their “London Road World Tour.” The eight-date tour kicks off September 10 at New York City‘s Webster Hall and includes stops in Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco (full tour itinerary below) in support of their new album LONDON ROAD (out now via Max Records/INgrooves). Tickets are available to purchase on the band’s website.


This run of tour dates will feature a full live band and include three supporting dates on the second edition of the traveling Safe In Sound Festival (featuring Bro Safari, Datsik and Zomboy, among others). Says Josh: “We cannot wait to bring our live show over. This will be the most energy we have ever brought to the States. We can’t wait.”


LONDON ROAD is the band’s striking sophomore album featuring 12 intense, bass-laden tracks, all produced by Josh and Tony, who expand upon their rock, dubstep and electro hybrid sound to create a homage to their hometown. Opening with dramatic strings, the aggressive cockney spoken word of “Damien” paints an intense image of the album, before joining forces with pummeling guitar riffs and throbbing sub-bass. MODESTEP‘s now-signature marriage of guitar based and electronic music is prevalent throughout, with the soaring vocal of “Make You Mine” and mechanized samples that perforate album’s lead single “Machines” (watch the video), showing them as a band not content with staying within the fold. On the flip side, MODESTEP and The Partysquad dive into a true dub jam with “Rainbow” (watch the video) and hit a softer side with a more traditional leaning atmospheric drum and bass track “Nightbus Home.” The next single set to impact radio around the U.S. tour is the hard blues-rock flavored “Make You Mine,” featuring Russian-Ukrainian outfit Teddy Killerz (listen here)London Road is available now on at the band’s website and on iTunesGoogle PlayAmazonSpotify and SoundCloud.



Catch MODESTEP on the road this year in the following cities:

DATE            CITY               VENUE

Thu 9/10   New York, NY   Webster Hall

Fri 9/11   Washington, DC     Echostage

Sat 9/12 Philadelphia, PA   Penn’s Landing – Festival Pier (Safe in Sound Fest)

Sun 9/13   Pittsburgh, PA     Stage AE – Indoor (Safe In Sound Fest)

Thu 9/17   Chicago, IL     Aragon Ballroom (Safe In Sound Fest)

Fri 9/18  Los Angeles, CA     Avalon

Sat 9/19 San Francisco, CA   Mezzanine

Sun 9/20   Seattle, WA       Neptune Theatre

For tickets and the most up to date list of tour dates, visit: modestep.com.



Here’s a sample of the critical praise London Road has received thus far:


“London Road, an album that finally announces Modestep as they were meant to be. The album dwarfs the creative expression of their prior works, giving nods to garage, jungle, dubstep, reggae, electro, rave, and rock in a chaotic ode to their home city of London…That uneasy, but life-affirming balance between disparate scenes and aesthetics is a hallmark of London culture and, as London Road shows, Modestep itself.

–Jemayel Khawaja, VICE’s THUMP.com, June 4, 2015

“Take your typical dubstep track out of the club environment and you’ll likely be left with little more than a way to annoy the neighbors. Thankfully, Modestep deftly avoid that pitfall by crafting songs that capture listeners’ attention on their sophomore effort. The band know full well winning fans takes more that just a heavy beat to cudgel you over the head, like on the blistering opener ‘Damien,’ which sets an unyielding pace for the duration of the record. Modestep spare no expense in mining their influences from the U.K. underground, be it the dancehall-inspired ‘Rainbow’ or the relentless electro-rock of ‘Make You Mine.’ Taken as a whole, London Road would fit just as well as a soundtrack to a British gangster caper as it would during a club night. Like the crime lords of said films, Modestep definitely mean business.” (4 out of 5 stars)

–Norm Narvaja, ALTERNATIVE PRESS, June 2015



“Let me make something very clear here, okay? This track [“Machines”] is a goddamn blast. It expertly mixes hard hitting electronica/dubstep with crunchy guitars and injects snaps of funk and gospel, all overlain with perfectly complimentary vocals. The end result is a track that had me literally pumping my fist in the air. If this is what London Road is going to sound like, Modestep has a winner on their hands.”

–Jonathan Barkan, BLOODY-DISGUSTING.com, February 23, 2015

“For nearly two years, Modestep was silent on the production front until this past January when they suddenly released their single “Snake”, followed soon by “Machines”….This was gritty, punk-infused rock music with a twinge of electronic and it was awesome. The crossover lover in me was weak in the knees.”

–Matthew Meadow, YOUREDM.com, May 21, 2015

“This song [“Machines”] is an amalgam of a House banger and a riff heavy rock tune, with vocalist Josh Friend’s melt-your-heart croon and guitars piercing through synthetic noise like a rock ‘n’ roll dagger. All of this is zeroth to a earth shattering drop that could make you either pogo or headbang, take a pick. The synth and unexpected syncopations come through like a fusillade of audible anarchy, it turns your head into a mosh pit in the best way possible. If this song is a hint to the sound of their sophomore album, I cannot wait to dive into it, until then I’m going to dance like a moron to one of the most enticing thrash-out tunes of the year.”

–Kieran MacIntyre, MONSTERSANDCRITICS.com, February 28, 2015

“If ‘Machines’ is any indication of Modestep’s live show, we think it’s safe to say they are not to be missed.”

–Chuck Armstrong, DIFFUSER.FM, May 11, 2015

“Modestep bring heavy metal and electronic music together smoothly…London Road [INgrooves/Max] is equally suited for the mosh pit or the dance floor, and that’s what makes it such a standout. The boys collaborated with everyone from Skindred to Grime producer Rude Kid, and the result is a worldwide banger of epic proportions.”

–Rick Florino, ARTISTDIRECT.com, June 18, 2015


MODESTEP (L-R): Pat Lundy, Tony Friend, Kyle Deek and Josh Friend
Photo Credit: Tom Barnes


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