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New EMA Charity track by ShaR4

DJ producer ShaR4, a founding member of the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA), is the 3rd EMA member to “Play it FWD” and release a charity track through Cadence and Cause. ShaR4’s track is called “Can You Hear Me Now?” and benefits the cause to end global disease.


One in six people in the world suffer from neglected tropical diseases. These diseases blind, disable and disfigure their victims, trapping them in a cycle of poverty and disease. But for less than 50 cents per year one person can receive treatment and protection against the seven most common neglected tropical diseases.

“Global disease has been such an issue for so long, we are long overdue for a change. In lieu of the Ebola crisis, it showed through extreme measures how deadly the gap is between our country and other underprivileged countries.
When an American got the disease, they were able to be cured back in our country while thousands and thousands of people perished in Africa. This absolutely broke my heart; we need to share our resources and education as much as possible to help END GLOBAL DISEASE!”


Shar4 was invited to join the founding membership of the Electronic Music Alliance in 2012 for her service to her community throwing her “DeVote” nights where DJs share the decks while benefiting and bringing awareness to a variety of charities.  Her concept of DeVote is in direct alignment with the EMA’s Play it FWD program.  DeVote has organized 2 EMA Massive Action (volunteer weekends) in Vermont and is considered a model EMA member.


“I love this song –I feel like it could be an anthem for the upcoming World Peace Day –it’s absolutely gorgeous” –Janine Jordan, EMA Executive Director


To support the cause, please visit: