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Ghastly Dives Deep into His Production Bag to Unveil ‘Lil Trick’

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L.A based producer Ghastly is doing his part to celebrate Throwback Thursdays this week by releasing a one year old gem – ‘Lil Trick’ – to his fans for free. Production that is a year old and unreleased generally doesn’t get released for a reason – it rarely stands the test of time. In this case, the exact opposite is true with ‘Lil Trick’, as the bouncy bit of bass music perfectly encapsulates the progressive thinking of not only Ghastly’s songwriting, but his prophetic ability to produce bass house before the sub-genre was even on anyone’s radar.


Channeling everything that is exploding from within the future bass genre right now a year before it was en vogue, ‘Lil Trick’s’ dark bass line is an ode to the bass house phenomenon sweeping dance music in 2015. The funky edges, swirls, and ghastly echoes offer the forward thinking twist necessary to take a production into the upper echelon.


“Lil Trick was such an important song for me, it was the moment when I went back to my roots and stopped caring what was popular at the moment and just made what came naturally”  – Ghastly


‘Lil Trick’ comes on the heels of a prolific production binge that has seen Ghastly release some of the biggest releases in bass house this year, like the colossal ‘Crank it’ with Mija and Lil’ Jon, the original mix ‘Every Night’, ‘Bitch U Ghastly’, and Ghastly’s take on NGHTMRE’s and SLANDER’s ‘Warning’.

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