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TRAPSTYLE sits down with: Hermitude

hermitudeThe other weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing Australian duo Hermitude after their set at HARD Summer. After making a splash in the US hitting major summer festivals following a few blow-up tracks like HyperParadise (Flume remixed this one), I wanted to know about their upcoming album, only a few weeks away from the release date! We ended up getting deep into the duo’s production roots, and what may have brought them here today…

I’m here at HARD Summer with Hermitude, can I have you guys introduce yourselves?

I’m El Gusto; and I’m Luke Dubs

How long have you been making music? What are you guys up to right now?

Well currently we’re here, we just played Hard Festival, Lollapalooza, Oshega, Splash House. We’ve been making music about ten years, we’ve got a few records under the belt and were, um, were actually just about to release our new record Dark Night Sweet Light the 28th of August so were really excited about that and keen to share it with everybody

I’m pretty excited about that myself. Do you guys have any cool stories about the making of this upcoming album? I’m sure it’s your life right now

Yea, I mean, we spent a lot of time playing a lot of shows and in between that we were sort of in aeroplanes and hotel rooms and so we wrote a lot of the ideas, like, on the road and we just started heaps of ideas. And last year we just said we’d stop doing a lot of shows and just focus on the record.

And yea this year we just spent a lot of time just fleshing them out. We wrote the album pretty much in two studios. We had an old studio that was above a shop on a really main road, I guess like Hollywood Boulevard-equivalent in Sydney. This road called Paramatta Road. Its full of semi trailers, like big trucks, half the time the whole studio was vibrating from all the trucks like driving past.

And now were in a bunker that was built in the 50s by a famous rock and roll legend in Australia called Col Joye. He built this studio in 1960 and its been like a famous studio in Sydney ever since, and now were leasing it off of him. So that’s where we wrote the other half of the record. So yea, its kind of been two interesting juxtapositions.

I’m sure a lot of that’s translating into it

I think it does.. maybe its subliminally in the music or something, I guess when you’re in a room that’s been used for so long to write music in, some of that shits gotta rub off on you.


Random question: where does the name “Hermitude” come from?

Well, we grew up in a kind of um, in the mountains, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney in Australia. And uh we wrote a lot of our music in, my father’s small kind of home studio in the Blue Mountains. When we started like we would just go in there at night when he’d finish in the day recording other acts and stuff, and so we’d go in there and its basically literally on the side of a valley like in the mountains and it’s this beautiful spot and its in the middle of nowhere, and its very isolated so we kind of felt just like these bush hermits. It’s kind of like the attitude of a hermit basically.

Oh! Hermit + attitude. I like that. I am definitely a hermit sometimes too

Everyone’s got to be a hermit at some point!

True! So you’re always posting about how much you love touring the US, why is that? What’s so special about the US?

I guess the US has always been really kind to us. Like we’ve had the opportunity to come over here a few times now and like we’ve had a really good response. We really like the culture, the people are really lovely and also the music that comes out of America is something that we have been heavily influenced by. In so many genres like not just obviously what were doing, electronic music, but also in like jazz, funk, reggae, hip hop… Were savvy to a lot of that stuff and so we’re just stoked that people are kind of on board with what we do over here. So luckily America has really clicked for us. We feel like it’s the beginning of a really long relationship were gonna have.

Anything else you want to let our readers know?

Just that our record comes out the 28th of August, Dark Night Sweet Light, check it out! We have some exclusives on there as well, there’s some US only tracks. Some good collaborations so keep an eye out! Were coming back in October too to play a bunch more shows

One last question: Are you guys cat or dog people?

I’m a dog person. Dog.

That was quick! I’m a cat person…

I actually have two cats though, they’re my girlfriend’s. I’m not hating on cats. But when it comes down to it, dogs.

I do too! One is really fat.

Well the fat ones are basically like dogs, plus they can’t move that fast

… and there you have it. You can catch more on the origins of “Dark Night Sweet Light” via Hermitude’s Official Website

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