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TRAPSTYLE PREMIERE: JayKode’s remix of Jayceeoh’s “Turn Me Up Some”

Jayceeoh is a name you’ve probably heard by now. He’s released with Buygore, worked with other up-and-comers like FawksMeaux Green, and Dani Deahl, and recently performed on Annie Nightingale‘s show on BBC Radio 1. His banger new twerk track “Turn Me Up Some” with the legendary Redman and Belgian DJ Jay Psar is out now on iTunes [click here to purchase], but that is not the spotlight of this release…

The man JayKode put his own spin on the track. His remix keeps it 100 and twerky, but is more vocal-based and is lightly sprinkled with nuanced chord sounds and plucks that only JayKode can use to fill the otherwise empty space of the typical trap production. He had this to say about his rework:

When Jayceeoh asked me to remix this track, I was more than humbled to [do it]. I’ve been a fan of his for a while now and, not to mention, I grew up listening to Redman. I wanted to keep the essence of the original track, so I kept it at 100 bpm, but gave it that JayKode flavor with some growls and arpeggios to keep the Classical Bass alive.”

We at TrapStyle believe firmly in the power of the free download, so we’re premiering this for free for you. Stream it and grab it below while it’s hot out the oven. You’re gonna like it, we guarantee it.

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