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Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival set to get lit September 4-6, 2015

North Coast Music Festival is set to take place the first weekend of September, Friday the 4th through Sunday the 6th, and although this is a festival designed for all music tastes, we’d like to share with you the heavy hitters in electronic music who are going to be throwing down.

The electronic music lineup this year is pretty evenly spread throughout each of the three days of the fest, so here’s a breakdown of some of the electronic acts worth seeing by the day.


Knife Party

The Australian duo returns to Chicago after their hugely successful show at Concord Music Hall in January of this year. Needless to say, their set will be face-melting. They are closing out their stage this night of the fest. Mainstream EDM? Maybe. Worth seeing? Absolutely.



This Chicago-raised trap lord has seen some great success recently. Perhaps one of the more underrated names in electronic music today, he’s been through the club circuit in Vegas, played HARD Summer this season, and is making a return to his childhood home to throw down a bangin’ set at NCMF.



All people who consider themselves savvy in the world of electronic music should be familiar with RAC. If trap isn’t your thing, you can skip out on Salva to see this guy. (Their sets are roughly the same time.) His smooth, euphoric soundscapes driven by an organic emotional energy unique to himself, this Portland-based producer is sure to put on one hell of a show.



Sweater Beats

Sweater Beats is just a chill dude. He wants to get on stage, play a show, and call you his friend at the end of the day. If he asks you if you want to “netflix ‘n’ chill”, he legitimately wants to chill with you and dig into some Orange Is The New Black. He plays relatively early in the festival (2:30), so rise, shine, and shake what your mama gave ya at Sweater Beats’s set.



LA-based Jauz has taken the world by storm, riding the top of the garage house and bass house wave that has made huge moves recently in the dance music realm. He’s right after Sweater Beats (3:30) and on the very same stage, so “Sharksquad” out with your fellow Great Whites and Hammerheads and get jumping to some huge house and dubstep tracks at Jauz’s set.


Porter Robinson

The king of kawaii himself is bringing his live show based around his album “Worlds” to Chicago for the second time at NCMF this year. The first time almost sold out at Aragon Ballroom in September 2014, and it’s sure to be packed out at his set at 7:30. Go see it. Just do it. It’ll change your life.


Wave Racer

The man Wave Racer is closing out Saturday night of the fest. He has to battle with Steve Aoki (who is also closing on another stage) for attendance, but he’ll pull a loyal crowd ready for some jersey club and future bass sounds. This Sydney-based producer is signed to Flume’s label, Future Classic, and he was on the ticket at a few Mad Decent Block Party stops last summer. Don’t miss this guy.



Trippy Turtle

God damn, does this little turtle put on one hell of a show. He’s so entertaining and puts on a performance that goes beyond his music. His showmanship (showturtleship?) is unprecedented and your butt will not be able to stop shaking throughout the entire set. If jersey club is your flavor, this is a set that is not to be passed up. He’s on at 3:30, so don’t snooze. If you need more on what makes Trippy so great, click here.



Haywyre is taking live electronic music by the horns. He is one of the poster-children of Monstercat Records and was recently on tour in Asia with Zedd. His live show is quite the spectacle. Check out the video above to get a glimpse of what his performance is all about. He can be caught at the 847 Stage at 5:30.



Snails brings an undeniably unique sound to bass music. This French-Canadian-Mexican would love nothing more than to jump around to some heavy bass music with you. End your night the right way by getting a face-full of “vomitstep” at Snails’s closing set at 9:00.