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You Might Not Know Guy J, But You Should

Affirmation for musicians comes in many forms. Some are after the money, some want

respect, while others are only worried about maintaining their artistic integrity. The

Calvin Harrises of the world are after all three; however, there are those for whom more

money just means more problems.


In the world of EDM, many producers don’t seek the mainstream attention of peers like

Tiësto, Avicii, and David Guetta. When it comes to which DJs are most likely to stay

underground, the odds-on favorite to remain out of the I Heart Radio spotlight is Israel’s

Guy J.


The downside to his fiercely non-mainstream approach is that many EDM fans haven’t

gotten to know his catalogue the way it deserves to be known. If you count yourself

among those, let me give you a formal introduction.

Armed with his own Lost & Found label, the highly experimental and much-respected DJ

has found a die-hard audience (think just above cult level) that gravitates to his driving

beats, warm synths, and epic soundscapes.

As a teenager, Guy J was enthralled by Israel’s dance music culture. The underground

scene inspired him to explore and tinker with equipment and sounds. Over the last

decade, he’s enjoyed memorable dalliances with electronica, ambient, house, and techno,

all the while revealing a common thread of emotion and melody that is truly his own.

Early tracks of note include “Lamur” and “Shaman”, along with basically his entire 2008

full-length effort Esperanza, while the effervescent “Nirvana” and mesmerizing “Stolen

Memory” are two of his more recent releases to attract attention in the electronic world.

But “Welcome the Sun Mix” is the recent high-water mark for Guy J. The track radiates

an energy imbued by comforting synths, heavy beats, and oddball sounds that gel

together exquisitely.


Overall, Guy J’s unique presence, which will be on display during upcoming shows in

Ibiza, Los Angeles, and Toronto, makes him one of the more compelling figures in the

EDM underground and an artist you should spend some quality time with.