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JAUZ b2b Skrillex @ Webster Hall, NYC

You can always expect something magical to go down at Webster Hall. Whether that be an artist debuting a track for the first time or guest appearances, surprises are in store for everyone attending. I first got an indication from some of my friends status’ in the industry that there was going to be a guest appearance by someone very notable. While I was perusing Facebook I was also on Snapchat and in the midst of looking at people’s story’s I saw that Skrillex’s was in NYC. I came to the only logical conclusion that he was in fact that special guest. I arrived just in time for JAUZ’s set and it fully lived up to the hype I’ve been hearing all about. Bass house mixed in with trap, rap, and songs I’ve been anticipating from hearing them in his mixes and to one’s I’ve never heard of but could tell he created them due to his recognizable sound design. From start to finish he was pulling all of the tricks out of the hat, smooth transitioning, working the crowd like a roller coaster, all in all just putting on a top notch performance. Hoping on the mic hyping up his drops and little speeches saying how happy he was to spend his night with all those who were present. I, along with everyone else in the crowd, received a glimpse of his personality and at the end of the night my conclusion was validated in the sense that I know he is someone that is destined for greatness.

JAUZ at Webster Hall

If the night couldn’t get any more rowdy than it already was, it did soon after I saw Skrillex coming towards the decks. It was a little before 3AM and we were all blessed with an hour of JAUZ and Skrillex going b2b. One thing that stood out in particular was I felt like it was 2012 all over again. What I mean by this was for the most part the song selection by Skrillex was his old style, that grimy, unique, melodic yet brutal sound design mixed in with his new styles. It was like the old Skrillex was revamped and innovated, his original and organic past was built upon by new ideas and it resulted in the feeling that the stage was going to collapse due to the magnitude of intensity he brought us. Smiles were being constantly exchanged by the two along with pats on the back, it was great to witness the two enjoying themselves and doing what they do best which is giving us a night we won’t forget.

JAUZ b2b Skrillex at Webster Hall