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Ice Kream Teddy wins the 2015 International Gloving Championship

 On October 10th 2015 a temporary civilization of Glovers, light manipulators, finger stylists and flow artists gathered under one roof to form the International Gloving Championship. Over six hundred spectators gathered to watch the biggest names in the Gloving industry battle it out for the grand prize of $1000.00 and bragging rights as the IGC 2015 champion.

After a night of performances from Hip Hop Dancer Dytto, Animated J, and Bear Grillz it came down to the final match between the reigning world IGC champion Ice Kream Teddy, and the challenging opponent Machine. The entire audience was fixated on the moment they’ve all been waiting for. Was there going to be a new champion or will Ice Kream Teddy stand his ground and hold his position as champion?



It was very clear from the beginning who had the upper hand in this final match. Machine was going at it hard, fast, and strong with tons of tech but none of this fazed Teddy. His face remained unchanged and there wasn’t a single move that surprised Teddy. At this point I figured Teddy is just confident as a tactic to break Machine, but little did I know that Teddy was about to unleash molten hot lava. The moment it was Teddy’s turn it was obvious who was more skilled. The entire crowd roared and the moment of truth was drawing closer. After careful consideration by ten different IGC judges it was declared, that [PM] Ice Kream Teddy would once again take home the grand prize.


The announcement of Ice Kream Teddy’s championship was followed by a gang of [PM] aka Puppet Masters climbing on stage and proudly shouting “PM” at the top of their lungs. This night was one for the books, and it was awesome seeing this many getting into the art of Gloving the way they did. It felt like Bboy summit but for Flow Arts. I cannot wait for next year, and look forward to seeing it evolve from this point forward.