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Trapstyle sits down w/ ETC! ETC! @ Insomniac’s Escape Psycho Circus

TS: Why did you choose Electronic Music?

ETC! ETC!: It’s fun. I don’t know, it’s something I jumped into. I was in bands in

junior high and high school, and after that I was still in bands. And ultimately the

bands broke up, and I started to make music myself, and I think that was the only

thing that I could make myself that seemed cool and cohesive, rather then trying to

write a guitar rift, and then drums, and then bass, and sing. It didn’t work out. So I

think making small records, dance stuff, seemed cool. Just because I was into the fast

paced stuff. So, that’s why Electronic Music. [laughs]

TS: How did you find Electronic Music?

ETC! ETC!: I always knew about it, but I didn’t know what was entelled into it. I had

the daft punk records. But I didn’t know what it was all about. To me it was just

music. I didn’t know there were DJs. It’s wasn’t until I watched MSTRKRFT, well I

saw The Faint, they’re a band, but still electro, and I saw them one time, and then

MSTRKRFT played after, and MSTRKRFT, I was just like “yoooo, these guys are like

the shit”. So I got into the whole scene. I listened to MSTRKRFT, Felix Cartal, Justice,

and I think that’s why I was just like “This is what I want to do”. And ultimately, I

just started making shitty beats, and here I am today, with shittier beats.

TS: Do you have a “Guilty Pleasure Song”? Like mine is I’m an Albatraoz

[by AronChupa].

ETC! ETC!: Sing it.

TS: I’m not gonna sing it!

ETC! ETC!: What does it say?

TS: It’s a super happy beat that goes “I’m an albatraoz over and over”

[Some one in the background starts singing “So fuck that little mouse, ‘cause

I’m an albartraoz”]

ETC! ETC!: I’ve never even heard that song! For me it’s stuff like Journey, I played

journey tonight. So it’s anything that reminds me of my childhood, so it could be

Journey, or fuckin’ Blink 182. Or something stupid. So anything that’s nostalgic to

me. But I listen to so much fuckin music, that anything to me is so good. But, I don’t

know, I think Journey – Don’t Stop Believing is it for me.

TS: Do you belt it out every time you hear it?

ETC! ETC!: Yeah, I make everybody sing to it.

TS: Your favorite show/set you’ve played, ever?

ETC! ETC!: I think tonight. It’s between HARD, three years ago, and tonight. I think

tonight was the winner, because when I played HARD, I wasn’t supposed to be

playing, Azealia Banks backed out, so I ended up playing, and I had a great spot. It

was right after Paper Diamond, before Clockwork. So it ended up being a good show.

But tonight, anything hometown for me is the shit.

TS: Are you a SoCal native?

ETC! ETC!: I’m from LA.

TS: Right on, were neighbors [high-fives]. What’s the weirdest thing

you’ve ever seen one of your fans do?

ETC! ETC!: One of my fans got a tattoo of my logo. It’s weird. It’s humbling, and it’s

great, but what happens when they just think, “Yo, all his music after that is

terrible.” Then they’ll hate it, and then I’ll feel bad!

TS: What’s your most memorable fan moment?

ETC! ETC!: One of my fans one time, came up and brought me toys for my kids. IT

was pretty cool. They knew I had two kids and they brought me toys, like stuff they

sell. It was pretty cool.

TS: What would be your dream B2B with any DJ?

ETC! ETC!: Daft Punk, or Pharell. He doesn’t DJ but I would show him. Tell him

what’s up.

TS: If you could give new producers advice, what would be something

you wish you knew when you were first getting started?

ETC! ETC!: Be open to criticism. Know that nobody is out there to bash you down.

When I first started coming out I started sending my music to people, and they were

giving me critiques and they were telling me “Hey you might want to do this” or

“Hey you should try this” and I was taking it like, “Yo, this mother fucker does not

like what I am doing” but ultimately it ended up helping me to become a better

producer. But you have to have an open mind, because they’re not bringing you

down or talking shit, they’re just someone from the outside giving you perspective.

Just be open to any ideas, don’t self indulge. That’s the point of that.

TS: How did you choose Ect! Ect!?

ETC! ETC!: My name! [laughs] I just started making music, and one of my friends was

throwing a weekly show, and he asked me to DJ, and I was like “Yeah, I’ll do it”. So he

said “Hey, I need a name for the flyer, I’ll just put your name Jose” and I was like

“yeah, your NOT going to put Jose Guerreo, that’s SO Mexican” [laughs] So he asked

me “What should I put DJ Jay? DJ Jay-knob? Knobster?” and I was like “No dude,

those are all WACK” So then ultimately, I was like okay, cool, what do I play? I can

play electro, I can do dubstep, I can do bass music, house, etc. etc. and then I was like

“oh, I’ll use Etc. Etc.” So he wrote it down and sent me the flyer and it said “E-T-C –

dot – E-T-C – dot” and I said “Na man, it needs to stand out” So we used the

exclamation points. And I did the show, and the next week, they booked me again,

and I told them to use the same name. It wasn’t meant to be permanent, but it ended

up being the moniker. It all worked out.

TS: Last question. Ninja’s or Pirate’s?

ETC! ETC!: Pirates.

Check out ETC! ETC! below: