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Havoc Presents: San Holo + Great Dane + Kittens @ Yost Theater

Being one of the top promoters in the game, White Rabbit Group is never afraid to make avant-garde bookings. They were one of the first to bring Wave Racer to southern Califronia, which was a phenomenal show and a smart booking that was ahead of its time. San Holo @ Yost Theatre was no exception. After Great Dane and Kittens set the vibes on stage. the 24-year-old producer from the Netherlands, swept the crowd up like a cyclone. Painting a future bass fused with hi-hat stutters, choppy vocal cuts and happy/glitchy leads that prove to have a powerful impact on the packed crowd at Havoc.

In an age where our industry has become overly saturated with the same old shit, it’s always refreshing to see a new face taking chances and exploring their own creative freedom and expressing themselves in a way that will truly be remembered.


The Yost Theater
307 N Spurgeon St, Santa Ana, CA

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