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Who To See at the Biggest NYE Celebration in the US

The countdown continues to the most exciting event of the year. With just two days until Decadence comes to the Denver Convention Center, the buzz and excitement is at an all time high. With the stacked lineup that it has, it might be tricky to navigate who to see. But you are in luck my friends, for I have created a guide to help you design the most eventful and craziest New Years celebration you have ever had!

Who to catch at the Spaceport stage on the 30th:

UZ, Figure, Jack U, & Tommy Trash. If you’re lookin’ for that OG Trap arm hype, definitely don’t miss UZ from 7:00-8:00. Figure will definitely have your neck broken by the end of his set. He’s playing from 8:oo-9:00. Jack U will definitely not disappoint, they’ll play a variety of Top 40 hits mixed with some amazing trap edits and probably some dubstep. Oh, and Skrill and Diplo will definitely be dabbin‘. Catch them at 9:15-10:45. If you’re a fan of good ol’ electro house, definitely don’t miss Tommy Trash as you definitely will not be disappointed with his song selection and mixing skills. He’ll be spinnin’ from 1:15 to 2:15.

Who to catch at the City Hall stage on the 30th:

DABIN, What So Not, Floozies, Bassnectar, & Gramatik. Although you might not have heard of DABIN yet, he definitely will not let you down. His future bass vibes and live guitar is definitely a good way to start off the night (then head over to UZ). He goes on at 7:00 and finishes up at 7:45. Unfortunately, What So Not and Jack U are playing at the same time. I think it would be best to go to a little bit of What So Not (30-40 minutes) then head on over to get hype with Jack U. What So Not has the time slot of 9:30-10:30. The Floozies may not be high on your list either, but if you’re down with the funk, definitely don’t miss these guys. A live drummer and a live keyboard/guitar player will definitely add some spice into your life and get you dancin’. They’re playing 10:30-11:30. I don’t think Bassnectar needs any introduction or reasons why to see him. Just go. He plays 11:40-1:10. I think it would be wise to go see Tommy Trash after Bassnectar to keep the vibes going, then see Gramatik to get a little more funk to finish the night out. Gramatik is playing 1:20-2:20.

Unfortunately, the silent disco garden doesn’t seem to be too intriguing on the 30th.

Who to catch at the Spaceport stage on the 31st:

Jai Wolf, Gareth Emery, Big G, & Hardwell. Jai Wolf has been given the blessing of Skrillex, so you know he’s gonna throw down. He opens up the night, starting at 7:00 ending at 8:00. If you’re feelin’ a little trancey, Gareth Emery will be fantastic. He goes on 10:00-11:00. Talk about funk, Big G will not let you down. Always a good time with Big G. He goes on 11:20-12:40. Considering he’s won #1 DJ in the world twice in a row, I think it’s safe to say that he will have an amazing set.

Who to catch at the City Hall Stage on the 31st:

Bass Physics, Illenium, Odesza, Deadmau5, & Excision. Bass Physics, Coloradons, starts at the end of Jai Wolfs set. PERFECT! If you haven’t heard of Bass Physics, you’re definitely missing out. If you like Pretty Lights, check out Bass Physics’ set 7:50-8:40. Illenium, also a Coloradon, has had some of the hottest remixes in 2015. If you didn’t get enough trap arming out on the 30th, Illenium will have your back. He plays 8:50-9:45. Since Odesza will most likely be a packed show, I recommend staying at the City Hall stage for the first half of Odesza’s set, then moving over to the Spaceport stage for Gareth. Odesza plays from 10:00 to 11:00. Then you can get some more funk out with Big G for a bit, but then definitely make your way back to the City Hall stage before the countdown so you can secure a good spot for Deadmau5. He plays from 12:00-1:15. To close out the night I will definitely be head banging my brains out to Excision who has set some records for the craziest shows.

If you have some time between sets, definitely don’t miss Stélouse at the Silent Disco garden from 10:00-11:00. He is definitely gonna get you dancin’ if you want to skip out on Gareth or Odesza.

For the full list of set times, visit the Decadence website.