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Ghastly, Slumberjack, Tasty Treat @ Avalon Hollywood

Avalon Hollywood is one of LA’s premier nightclubs, and many artists see it as a pivotal stepping stone to play the infamous venue. Recently, Ghastly not only left the venue in a pile of rubble after a night of face melting music, but he managed to sell out the night and pack the club in. The night began perfectly with Tasty Treat, and Slumberjack taking the stage to set an energetic yet anticipatory vibe. Once Ghastly took the stage, the crowd knew it was game over. Drowned out by a crowd full of cheers, Ghastly commenced his genre defying set. Ghastly played everything from his signature face melting bass house to trap and dubstep. I was taken back by how receptive the audience was to everything. It wasn’t an environment where self proclaimed ‘EDM’ aficionados scoffed at the experimentation of an artist. I was able to witness first hand why Ghastly has acquired the amount of success he has, and trust me it’s no mistake. Nearing the end of his set, Ghastly brought out “Crank It” collaborative partner and fellow Arizona native Mija to play “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance. If that doesn’t convince you that this bass house producer can’t be pigeon holed into one genre, I don’t know what will. Make sure you catch Ghastly whenever he is in your town next because it will surely be a night you never forget.