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Shot by: Luvo Petersen

JayKode Remixes NYC in Signature Classical Bass Style

Continuing with his Classical Bass style, JayKode delivers another bangin’ tune with his remix of The Chainsmokers NYC. A perfect mixture of future synths, stunning arrangements, and his signature classical bass style. I was able to chat him up a little about the release, his upcoming EP and some tips for all you producers out there.

Check out the track and the interview below:

This collaboration is huge considering the Chainsmokers success with this track. Did you hit them up to do a remix, or were you selected by them to do the remix?

“The Chainsmokers actually hit me up a few months ago to try out a remix for the track. I’ve been a big fan of their work for a while so it was an honor to be able to knock this out for them.”

Will we continue to see more of the classical bass style this year, or will you make more tunes with the more dark style you used with Origin? Which is more fun for you to make?

“I’m definitely going to be doing both. Honestly, I would even put ‘Origin’ in the same category as the classical bass stuff. It’s got those epic string and piano elements throughout the track which I want to keep pretty consistent throughout all my productions. I’m going to be making a lot more heavy tunes this year as well as some remixes and originals on the lighter side like the NYC remix.”

How long did this remix take you to make? How long do remixes usually take you to make?

“It’s always been different with every remix. Some remixes have taken me a day or two to finish and some take me over a week. It really depends on the flow and how organically my workflow is coming together. Most of the time, I already have a vision of what I want to do with remix as soon as I hear the original. For the NYC remix, I think it took me somewhere around a week just because I changed the ideas a few times but really happy with how it came out. I think it’s my favorite remix I’ve done so far.”

Can you give anymore details about your upcoming full length EP?

“The EP will be out sometime this summer. I can’t give too much away but I want this EP to be a perfect representation of where I’m at creatively in my life right now. It’s going to have a ton of both dark and lighter classical elements and vocals as well. I want the whole EP to tell a story all the way through. I’ve already got a a few of the tracks started and will probably be tweeting and snapping previews of the tracks as I make more progress.”

With playing a festival being your last goal from 2015, can we expect to see you at any this year?

“Nothing I can specifically announce yet but yes.”

How do you overcome writers block?

“This is a tough one. I recently hit a really bad one for almost 2 months. I usually just step away from music as a whole and stop forcing productions. I’ll either go to the beach or ride a bike and do something that’s on the opposite side of the creative spectrum just to refresh my brain. I’ve also been listening to a lot more classical music and that’s been super inspiring to integrate into my productions.”

We would like to thank Jaykode for this interview and if you are interested in more from him check out his facebook and soundcloud