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Getter finally releases his “Radical Dude! EP”

I speak on behalf of many others when I say we all had today marked on our calendars. Getter’s highly anticipated EP titled “Radical Dude!” hits the scene today on OWSLA.
Before I get into the EP itself; let me just say the producer has recently been receiving a lot of criticism from his “fans” -yes air quotes- about the change of style Getter has been going through.
It all started with his free album “Planet Neutral”. Extremely different from what we all expected yet it was still a great and underrated album. Getter fans were not too excited about this change as they just wanted to stick with the status quo.
Since then, the young talent has been the exact opposite of idle; releasing official remixes for Jauz & Pegboard Nerds, Jack U, Brillz, and the list goes on.
Not to mention his wonky house collaboration with the garage house superstar Ghastly featured on OWSLA’S Worldwide Broadcast called “666”.

Now, lets dig into this EP. The first track greets us with a reverb heavy rap track accompanied by a fat kick. These two elements go hand in hand as you hear pitched down vocals being meshed together giving you the visualization of being faded late night at the club.
Interesting way to open things up but it just gives you an idea of how the dubstep prodigy has expanded his sound today. Next we have “Rip N Dip”, which has been passed around more than a blunt at a Bob Marley Tribute Concert. You might be deaf if you haven’t heard this tune in any sets recently.
The song starts off with a direct and raw lead with an absolute sick melody to go along with it. To take things further, the drop is reminiscent of Getter’s Firepower days and that he is still one of the best producers right now.
“666” as I mentioned before is the collab we never knew we wanted. The two creatives birthed a high-energy garage house tune that is perfect for club play.
Things come to an abrupt stop as we are introduced to the vocalist Tree. If you’re not familiar with the artist you might remember them from Planet Neutral as they paired up for multiple tracks on the album. They reunite to give us “Forget It”. This had to be the most eye-opening song on this EP. What starts off with a filtered piano and an intimate bassline turns into a laid back hip-hop track you and your friends could enjoy together.
The EP resurrects the energy and ends on a high standard as Getter pairs up with Sneek & Adair bringing you the tunes “In The Cut” and “Blood” featuring Georgia Ku.
Overall this compilation of tracks just goes to show that Getter should not be put into just one category of music. He is far more than talented at what he does and will satisfy our ears regardless of genre.


Grab the EP on iTunes now
Stream it here:

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