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Jauz Opens up the Notepad of Success: How to Make it in the Music Industry, Life

Sam Vogel, Jauz, sat down and gave his secrets of success. The house prodigy has a lot to say as someone who is so young, yet so successful.

In just 2 years Jauz, went from an aspiring Icon Collective graduate to one of the most notable names in dance music–landing releases from Mad Decent and Spinnin, and collaborating with godfathers of bass music like Skrillex, Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead. He decided to shine some light on other creatives around the world trying to follow in his footsteps. The 21 year old wrote it all on a deep Facebook Post earlier today.

“You want to know the secret to fame? To success? Here it is:

Believe in yourself so much, that no one else can tell you otherwise.

Also doubt yourself so much, that you feel like no matter how hard you work or try nothing could ever get you to your goal.” 

What does this mean? It means to have confidence, be so supportive of your work until its a permanent part of your personality. At the same time, criticize yourself to the point where you want to work double what you intended to. You will be doubted by not just yourself but by friends, family, and strangers. Use that doubt to fuel your motivation.

“Work so hard, that your friends think you’re crazy. That they make fun of you. Work so hard that while those friends are out partying and enjoying their lives, you’re in your room working on being the absolute best you can be for as many hours as your body and mind can possibly handle.

Work so hard, that your family has absolutely no idea what you’re doing or why you do it every single day and night of the year.”

This speaks for itself.

“Give EVERYTHING to your craft. Don’t let a single thing stand in your way. If there’s someone in your life or something you do that prevents you from working 25 hours a day, get rid of it.”

Be disciplined. This is your dream after all, for you to accomplish it you must give it 100% effort and 100% passion.

“Keep working so hard, that eventually what you are doing isn’t work. It’s who you are. It’s what you do. And now people are taking notice. Your parents believe in you; you’re friends support you. The right person will come into your life and open the door to your path to success.”

You are your own brand, nothing represents your music more than yourself.

Finally he wrapped it up with these final words.

“Enjoy yourself. Be happy. Be grateful, be appreciative, be humble. Thank the people around you who believed in you when no one else did. Thank the people who laughed at you and made you doubt yourself. Thank yourself for never giving up and working your ass off harder than anyone else around you.”

 You do this because it’s fun and it’s what you love, don’t forget that aspect of it. 

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