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Woogie – RITMO (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Its 2016 and one of the questions that have dawned on many dance music fans is “What happened to Moombahton?”. Yes that old 110bpm Reggaeton infused club music we all heard in the clubs back in 2011. Back when Munchi, Nadastrom, JWLS, and Bro Safari were among the best. Moombahton still lingers around to this day and with the help of Producer/DJ ‘Woogie’ it goes to show that Moombah is still alive.

Now, on to the song itself. The tunes called ‘RITMO’ which is the perfect title for this track as it starts off with a bouncy rhythm that is the core element to all moombah anthems. The breakdown greets us with a snare pattern that progresses into a long and fierce buildup. The drop is nothing short of insane, this is incredibly wild. So much energy and rhythm packed into a track. Expect this track to hit speakers near you very soon. Once we reach the climax again the young producer resorts to 808’s and a snare only to bring it back to the initial drum pattern. Do not shy away from Woogie as the artist has already landed releases on SMOG, Buygore, and Elysian Records.

The track is out now via I Am So High Records.

Have a listen for yourself!

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