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Beyond Wonderland 2016 – Trapstyle’s event review

As you entered Beyond Wonderland 2016 there were many delights to be seen. The grand entrance was a portal oozing with magical energy ready to transport you into another dimension. I had never seen anything so mysterious and alluring in my life. I was ready to walk through and enter the wonderful world of Beyond Wonderland.The Holy Mountain for Insomniac 1
Shortly after following the magical path into Wonderland I immediately rushed to Bassrush stage to catch Calyx & Teebee. They all of their recent tunes, ranging from “Strung out”, to “A day that never ends” “Nothing left”, “panic attack”, “sawn off”, “long gone” and even some grime by likes of P Money. The crowd went wild when they dropped¬†Friction & Skream’s – Kingpin ft. Scrufizzer, P Money & Riko Dan.

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The Bassrush stage did not disappoint, it was jam-packed and full of energy. Calyx & Teebee were kind of enough to shout out a couple that had come to Beyond Wonderland as their first festival. Tons of people instantly went up to them to congratulate and meet them. PLUR was a live and well, and the sky was definitely electric that night. Calyx & Teebee were then followed up by Delta Heavy who played an eclectic blend of music. Started off with Trap, into Dubstep, and quickly side blinded everyone with some to the core Drum & Bass. I had the please of sitting with Delta Heavy shortly after his set. I asked him for a piece of advice for the budding Producer / DJs. His words were simple, but true.


After hanging out with Ben from Delta Heavy for a bit it was time for me to explore the grounds. I stumbled upon the Boom Box stage on my way to the Queen’s Domain. Seems like everyone was grooving to some Techno music at this point, so I decided to join in on the fun. After 2 hours of hard hitting Drum & Bass, some laid back Techno was exactly what I needed. After taking a break at the Boom Box, I had regained the energy to HAM once again. It was now time for the almighty Yellow Claw at the main stage. I dove deep into the crowd, and made my way through the people to get to the middle in order to get a true feeling for the vibe.

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The moment almost everyone had been waiting for was finally here. Yellow Claw was up, and everyone was ready to turn up. They opened up with a wide range of genres that I can’t even describe. It was a fusion of Trap, Trapstyle, Twerk, Moombahtone, Dubstep, and all sorts of bass. They played a ton of VIPs and unreleased tracks, as I looked around I saw nothing but wonderful people coming together for a good time. It was nothing but vibes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Skyler Greene for Insomniac 1As the festival experience came to a close I decided to return “home” and made my way back to Bassrush. Along the way I made a wide range extravagant performers who were happy to to interact and talk to you. Insomniac Event’s are the best for this very reason. They make an effort to go out of their way to make sure YOU the headliner gets the most out of their ticket.

I look forward to the next one. This was the best way to kick off start of the 2016 festival season.