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ATLiens Invade Frontier

Mondays usually blow, Good thing today’s the day that UZ blesses us with the Frontier EP ( Remixes ).  With artists like Quix, LUMBERJVCK & Subsurge brought together to put their own spin on things I had already been expecting some heat. Last night I was sent one of the tunes ahead of time to check out, Verdict?

While it’s usually not likely for an original to get out-shined by it’s remixed counterparts, That isn’t the case here.. Atlanta‘s own, ATLiens, Had gotten a copy of their remix for UZ & OSKI‘s ” Chainsaw ” out to me last night and I’m glad they did! From the start your already getting a whiff at how menacing this rendition of the Ball Trap Music tune is shaping itself up to be, Lone synth growls set the tone right from the jump. From the snare rolls, chopped up reggae vocals and the darker tone thrown on the track be prepared for the ‘smelled poop face & violent trap arms’ to follow lead.

Needless to say it was on repeat for the better part of last night haha

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