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Fools Gold’s Athletixx Release Debut Single (Free Download)

Athletixx - PNTHR

Pulsing kicks will take you away as Athletixx‘s debut single PNTHR shows no mercy and arrives to dominate club dance floors and festival stages alike. With a rolling beat encompassed by dark ambiance and minimal percussion, PNTHR spawns an electrifying groove that proved to be the power packed single we have all been waiting for.

Athletixx consists of label mates Kitttens, Falcons, Promnite, and Hoodboi which brought light to the Supergroup after taking over Diplo & Friends in 2015. Barely scratching the surface and leaving us thirsty for more of the unknown Athletixx sound, they have stormed back onto the limelight with a jungle like surprise that quenched everyone’s sonic thirst, for now at least.

Considering they are on a roll and this is only the beginning, I can’t wait to see what Athletixx has in store for 2016. If they are as hyped as Bilboard made them out to be, we can only prepare ourselves for the madness that lies up ahead.


Athletixx: “All known to freak a speaker or kill a fuckboi from time to time.”


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