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Kannibalen Spotlight: Apashe

Montreal, Quebec’s largest city & Also home to Kannibalen artist Apashe whose got a hell of alot going on as of late. From the tour Black Tiger Sex Machine & Dabin, Hitting Hawaii with Snails and a possible track in the works with Kai Wachi I was curious what else could he possibly have on his plate? I had the pleasure of meeting him back when he played his first US event where we got to hang out, Having just returned from his trip playing Digital Wonderland out in Hawaii he was great enough to shoot me a call so i could catch up and get the scoop on what’s in the works!

So after getting him on the line I wanted to ask him what led to making his latest track Skeleton Dance, Which definitely had a different sound than I would’ve expected. ” I was working on melodies for Swing High with BTSM and ended up creating something I knew needed it’s own track ” thus two songs were created. He’s been touring with BTSM and Dabin for some time now with more dates to go & including dates himself traveling to places like Thailand, Europe and then over to Australia in the next months.

I would’ve thought that tension could arise being on the road so often but he assured that him and the label mates all genuinely get along well with eachother. Which makes things a ton easier for everything from production to business aspects, ” We actually hang out a good amount of the time but are always circling back to business with everything, It’s great! “. Another thing i had to check out about what this potential collaboration in the works with Kai Wachi which was luckily confirmed from the man himself, We could expect to be hearing that sometime in the near future. So, What other tunes then are you sitting on currently? ” ALOT.. ” haha but in all seriousness he had enough tracks to create his upcoming album set to drop after this Summer and plenty to spare for a likely EP or single release next month.

From all the new music getting prepped to go, Plenty of stops in a slew of cities and countries and growing as a person he’s made it clear that keeping busy makes him feel at his best always having a task or project to put some energy into.


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