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Pasquale Rotella Talks About EDC 20

EDC is turning 20 this year and to celebrate, Pasquale Rotella released a behind the scenes look at why he started Insomniac, EDC and how excited he is for EDC20 this year.

“My job and my passion is to create an environment that is safe and magical. For people to gather and express themselves,” says Rotella. “All year round, people wait for this event. And the energy builds, and it builds and it builds….We call our attendees headliners. Why? Because they’re the most important piece for this event coming together and being all it can be.”

Take a loot at what else he has to say about the inspiration and feelings he gets about EDC in the video below:

With a limited amount of tickets still available, you still have your chance to witness what 20 years in the making has to offer. EDC this year will definitely be one for the books. For the most updated details regarding EDC Las Vegas, please visit LasVegas.ElectricDaisyCarnival.com.