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Beatport’s Former CEO Is Changing The Game For Remixers

MetaPop is the latest venture between Beatport‘s former CEO, Matthew Adell, and Boomrat‘s former CTO, Michael Mukhin. This start-up has got its eyes set to kill as it flourishes as the  premier global provider of Remix rights management, licensing, tracking, distribution, and royalty services for Remixers and Rights Holders.

With millions of fan remixes spread across the wonderful world of the internet, this means there are millions of remixes that are not properly being monetized by neither the creators or the original rights holders. These remixes are constantly being taken down because of “anti-piracy” laws that are severely overlooking the true value that these remixes are bringing to the table. This also means there is insane amounts of money being lost.

MetaPop’s own research shows:

  • There are over 8 million remixes on youtube that are currently not monetized for the original artist nor the remixer

  • There are over 100,000 remixes on Beatport that are currently not monetized for the original artist

  • 10% of all music listening is to remixes on Youtube

  • On Soundcloud, it may be as high as 50%, depending on what the original content is

  • For example…

    • Tear for Fears “Pale Shelter”

      • Original version has fewer than 10,000 plays

      • There are 162 unmonetized “Fan Remixes” of the track

      • “Fan Remixes” have been played over 250,000 times


MetaPop’s proprietary Remix Finder technology is the key to this all. Their Remix Finder technology will crawl through the depths of platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and many more as it locates all remixes alike. This technology actually indicates that there are over 2.5 million Fan Remixes online generating a billion plays month. Talk about insane.

With over 11,000+ labels and 800+ remixers already on board, it is no surprise that just last week MetaPop became the first platform in the world to clear and monetize Fan Remixes.

Producers and remixers alike, now is the time to take full advantage of this. Get it while it’s still hot.

In this rapidly growing digital music space, the creation and demand for remixes continues to grow.  We believe that both rights holders and creators need to collaborate and MetaPop is the solution.  Our unique approach allows us to locate and track fan remixes across the web, with a particular focus on monetizing Youtube and Soundcloud.   We will also promote that content, encourage engagement and make this amazing music available for further distribution.  Together we can open new channels to create and release great music.  Once labels have exclusively partnered with MetaPop they no longer need to focus on takedowns and “anti-piracy” effort, and instead can focus on making great music that makes money. Matthew Adell


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