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Terravita’s The Fallen EP Takes Bass Music On One Hell Of A Ride


Terravita has taken it upon themselves to disrupt the existing realm of heavy bass music with their latest release, The Fallen EP out now on the bass heavyweight label Buygore. Featuring a fusion of explicit MC lyrics and harmonious female vocals to serenade you throughout, you will embark on a journey like never before. In a scene where it’s all about creating the heaviest music or the hardest bangers, The Fallen strays from the bullshit and is an actual representation of creative progression for all bass producers and enthusiasts alike. Track after track, beat after beat, you can hear and feel the radiation of musical freedom.

See what they had to say below.


Take a listen down below and grab your copy of The Fallen EP here: Beatport iTunes


As told by Jon of Terravita.

Describe how The Fallen EP came to be.
We had been experimenting with some new BPMs, new sounds. We really wanted to start injecting more of a full song aspect into the music, instead of just making something that was good for 30 to 45 seconds in a club or someone else’s set. We wanted to make something new that you could listen to just about anywhere; the gym, your car, your house, or the club and this is what we came up with haha.

Where did you guys draw inspiration from and how was it different from all of your other music?
As it’s not a total departure from some of our previous stuff, it’s obvious we’re using a lot more of a vocal aspect in what we’re doing right now. Whether it’s me (Jon) rapping, or Tima Dee, or The Cats. We wanted to use new sounds, and take a stab at some things we thought maybe we couldn’t quite get away with previously. We’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from a lot of different places. What we really wanted to do was convey by the feelings and emotions in what we’re doing. We decided to set a tone for each song, and take you to the kind of place we were in mentally when it all came about.

How does this release differ from all of your others and what makes it distinguishable across the bass music realm?
For us, this release is much more serious. I think the whole EP has a very serious tone to it. The lyrics are serious, the beats are serious if not slightly sad and angry. I feel like a lot of our older stuff had a bit more of a playful feeling. Many tracks we’ve made were inside jokes themselves. So I think really the biggest difference is the actual feeling of the music itself. What distinguishes it for me is that these songs mean a lot more than a lot of our other songs. You can hear the message in them without having to interpret it through an instrumental. We wanted to prove that you can actually have a serious message in an electronic song. It’s not just about partying and popping bottles and all that shit. There’s a lot of real shit in the world and we wanted to incorporate that into electronic music and I think that’s what kind of makes this different.

You can bluntly hear many tempo and bass fluctuations across The Fallen. What was your motivation behind that?
Well we’ve always been of the mindset that tempo is just a variable. We don’t pay much attention to the genre wars. With that being said though, it’s extremely easy to fall into that pigeonhole after you make something for awhile. As I was saying before, I feel like we really fell into that for a bit. People just want you to make the same thing all the time and that can be a challenge for an artist. We always want to be expanding on what we do artistically and it can be a bit claustrophobic sometimes especially with how the internet is. So our motivation for this EP was to kind of throw caution to the wind and just put out what we were really enjoying on working in the studio. Break that box open a bit. Buygore really gave us the freedom to do whatever we wanted and we’re happy with the result.

From Bare to Riot Ten and even Half Empty, there is so many awesome collaborations on this EP. What was it like working with so many different producers and how did that influence the overall feel of the EP?
Each one happens differently! It’s so fun to work with other people because you get a fresh perspective on everything. This goes back to the last question really. Where you’re looking for new sounds and trying different things and then you have these other brilliant minds in there with you and something really great can come of all that. Everyone has a different workflow and style and it was a real pleasure working on all of this with those guys. It really affects everything and I think you can hear everyones individual styles in all of them. Can’t wait to get back in the studio with everyone and see what happens next.

In 5 words or less each describe what the sounds of this EP represent. Go!
forward thinking, change of style!


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