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Add This To Your Playlist & Hit The Gym

Insomniac’s Discovery Project” gives a platform to up and coming talent for the ultimate prize, playing the main stage. I’ve personally always been stoked to see who they choose to spotlight as I’ve helped a slew of producers get noticed by the Discovery project. So who did they tap this week?

tumblr_inline_mhkjanVRAP1qz4rgpBiggs & First Gift. One’s from Texas, the other hails from Uppsala, Sweden. The union sounds random, but these two have been collaborating on tracks for some time now. Joining the trap sounds of Biggs combined with the global/club sounds of the man behind Durp Supera Records yields some interesting results.

This record right here is no different! Dubbed Cardio Anthem, I can’t imagine there being a better name. From the start, you get tribal drums and a tempo that I instantly pictured some Zumba classes popping off to. As the track progresses, so does the intensity without losing it’s momentum at all. I would expect to hear this played out in big arenas or to an underground affair and still go off!

The duo manages to tap into a groove whenever they come together on a record, blending their respective sounds effortlessly. But let’s get right into it, Check out Cardio Anthem below:

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