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Disco Biscuits, A Water Park, Camping: The Return Of Camp Bisco

Music Festivals, they all tend to have prominent locations transformed year after year to host thousands of raving fans. Some festivals, unfortunately for one reason or another, end up leaving their initial locations in pursuit of a place that better fits the needs of the event. Other festivals just seem to disappear all together.
camp-bisco-2015-recap-new-stages-old-legends-and-long-waits-brought-the-festival-together-again-body-image-1437426340Initially that was the fear for many with Camp Bisco, once held in Mariaville NY. 2013 was the last outing by The Disco Biscuits at the Indian Lookout Country Club and die hards of the annual massive were left waiting year after year in hopes that something would be announced. What we were blessed with in the meanwhile was Counterpoint ( the sister festival ) and having personally attended it’s inaugural year I can say that even with the mud and brief shutdown of the stage areas, I still had an amazing time on those grounds in Georgia. Finally, though 2015 showed promise as rumors of the return of Bisco traveled, nothing was being cemented at this point though. Next thing you know, the official announcement gets released that Camp Bisco had found a new home!

With the aid of Live Nation, Scranton Pennsylvania had scored the chance to host the return of the biscuits affair. I know what your thinking, Scranton? Like “The Office?” Well yeah, it is where the show was based out of ( Go Dunder Mifflin! ) but in all seriousness they actually made a great decision with the moving the festival. The relationship that allowed the festival to exist in NY had dwindled, a town that was receiving a financial boom to allow the event to occur within it had finally decided that they could no longer bare everything that came with it. Scranton on the other hand, being in an economic depression of sorts, could definitely benefit from hosting the festival and allowing it’s many followers to come flood the area. The result? 40,000 + people. It was something to see to say the least, especially for this area whose only other major festival was Peach Music Festival. Great festival of course, but the Scranton area sees almost no electronic presence, although there are a lot of talented local producers (Woogie and Subtronics).

140817_IMG_2128_EDIT-1000x700Overall though, besides some push from some local promoters, me and the local artists artists, this area is almost deprived of electronic music. Well, it used to be.
With the success of the first year on the mountain, came the blessed agreement. Camp Bisco had locked in 3 more years at it’s new home on Montage Mountain! This was major news for people in the area and surrounding cities including Philadelphia. We now had a proper high end electronic music festival which offered camping. We’ve even seen a new electronic radio station flourish a few months after last years first event, which is still growing but is a great improvement over there. So I’ve discussed the plus’s for the area housing the fest, but what’s the benefit for the fans?

Simple…. The noise ordinance for one is more flexible, it also doesn’t hurt that Montage Mountain itself is a beautiful location. During it’s winter season the mountain see’s countless guests from all over to enjoy their slopes and then in the summer time they open up the snow themed water park. What makes the location unique in conjuncture with the festival is the use of the water park during the festival! That’s right, last year you could hangout in the wave pool as Snails filled the grounds with vomit, or lounge in the lazy river as ILoveMakkonen & Dj Green Lantern lit the crowd up. Heck, you could’ve been on a ski lift getting the full view of it all while Herobust & Jauz were dropping bombs on everyone down below. Definitely a special experience, but the water park alone isn’t what made it. While access in & out was not the best to say the least along with a few other things that could’ve been griped about they did cover a lot of other ground that some festivals of higher calibers tend to fall flat on.
For example, It rained on day 3. Usually this would of been a shit show, cancellation of the day and night acts, forced to leave stage areas, etc. But this wasn’t the case. While the music did pause for about 40 minutes, everyone else seemed to embrace the rain and instead, filled the lounge area, hanging their tents to dry out while they got ready for the next acts. The police presence was there but it never really felt overbearing considering the ground aren’t private and law enforcement was going to be there in some degree one way or another. They seemed to have things a lot more comfortable than say, EDC NY. They also had plenty of affordable food options and allowed people to have alcohol ( just not in the stage areas ).

With this years past year’s success, you can bet your ass that this is a festival you should consider going to, no doubt. Below you can see the slew of performers on the roster:


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