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Rusko Breaks Silence with 14 Tracks in 14 Days

The original bass don Rusko is back at it.  Having been sometime since his last release, he made up for it and then some.  For those who don’t know, Rusko was a pioneer in dubstep and at one point, one of the biggest names in bass.  As of recent, most of his releases have been dnb, but these 14 tracks mark the return to his roots with a variety of tunes that include dnb, but also some old school Bassy dub step. The tracks are very reminiscent of his earlier releases such as Jahova and Cockney Thug.  Tracks 6 (Massive) and 9 (Run Tings) show off his abilities to still bring the heat with some filthy sub bass.  While tracks like Jitterbug and Brite Matter show his ability to make unique tunes.  Whatever you prefer there is definitely something in here for you, and hopefully this points towards more releases.