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Discovery Project’s 10th Release Fish From Japan

Discovery Project’s emerging talent series has been picking up some hot tunes. With artists like Biggs & First Gift, Planet Rock, Convex, and so many more, there is bound to be a style or artist that is suited to your liking. Considering Discovery Project is hosted by Insomniac should be a good indication that you should be watching out for these artists already, but if you’re not convinced, you can hear the latest groovin’ Discovery Project release here:

This masterfully crafted groovin’ house track comes from Fish From Japan, a group with an interesting tale. Fish From Japan isn’t just a person, a duo, or a god sent trio here to change EDM forever. Fish From Japan is a collective of producers, DJs and vocalist that come together to create forward thinking house music. They have one goal in mind when they sit down to create; groove heavy, funk rich house music. They definitely exceed expectations on this new Discovery Project track. The piano heavy house vibes created in ‘Move On’ had me dancing in my room. Discovery Project sure knows how to pick ’em.

You can keeup up to date with Fish From Japan from the links provided below:

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Or check out Discovery Project for the hottest up and comers:

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